Trolling For Tinfoil
Friday, March 25, 2005
Introductions and Salutations

My name is Rob, and I am a nobody, for the most part- This represents my foray into the ranks of the self-indulgent, the ill-informed and the incoherent. I do hereby solemnly swear to be all of the above at one time or another.
You must always keep in mind this single and very important fact: It's my blog, not a doctoral thesis, so if you expect links supporting my various positions, feel free to re-read the part about being ill informed and incoherent. Furthermore, if you feel a need to see proof of why I think or see things the way I do, you're in for some disheartening reading. Again- It's a blog, not an op-ed piece in the New York Times. (Perhaps the NYT is a bad example, since they don't always check their facts either, but you get my drift.) If you feel a need to back-fill my every point, you may well want to go stand with the other wild-eyed pamphleteers on the street corner.
Hence the title- Trolling for the tinfoil hat crowd, waiting for them to come and post vitriolic rebuttals to my inane little missives.

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