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Monday, March 28, 2005
Rain, NPR and the Klan
Rain and Mondays don't go well together. The kind of rain we had was a cold, soak-you-to-your-skin-in-a-minute kind of rain, turning the horizon into a soul-sucking shade of gray, giving the pavement the look of used stainless steel. It's an oppressive feeling, the clouds and mist obscuring all the detail and color.For once, I was actually glad there are no windows in my office area.
Driving home at the end of the day was like running a very soggy gauntlet, dodging trucks , squinting thru the sheets of water and spray billowing out from under the trailer, listening to NPR drone on about Methamphetamine use and the Gay community.
I've got to hand it to NPR somedays- They cover things no one else would dare for fear of losing the all important shampoo/car dealership/lasik eye surgery/tampon commercials. They cover the Supreme Court like nobody's business, reading transcripts word-for-word, letting the arguments and decisions speak for themselves- Mostly. I get annoyed at them at times, stabbing the preset buttons on my radio. It's irritating sometimes to hear Nora Rohm-or-whatever-the-hell-her-name-is breathless gushing over some activist in the remote parts of god-knows-where, protesting the evils of corporate something or other. Other times, I shake my head in wry admiration, knowing they must be gritting their teeth reading intentionally dry text covering the current administration. You just know they become nauseous at the thought of all things conservative, but they soldier on, making heroic, semi-sucessful efforts to be impartial.
If you think NPR isn't biased, think again- I mean, it's pretty much a no-brainer if you listen to them regularly, like I do. Their weekend programming is where the "impartial" gets burned to the ground, released from their "news" constraints like kids on the last day of school. Full of clever pseudo-intellectual quiz/comedy shows and a helping of folksy humor, it's contrasted by constant one-liners at the expense of the current administration. Not that the Neo-Cons are above criticism, but it's as if they can't control themselves, like a mild case of tourettes.
Come to think of it- Most of the left seems to be in that state of mind. Impotent rage, a slow smoldering resentment againt the Red States, the Evil Corporate Machines, and the good old stand-by, ready-made to hate- The religious right.
You can't turn on the TV without every jackass in front of a camera making sure all America knows where they stand, that they're hip, with it, and just as cynical and clever as the illuminati. The beautifull people. The A-list. God knows their career would be in the shitter if they didn't demonstrate an ability to deliver zingers- Apparently, it's now a must-have, a standard tool in the arsenal. If you're in front of your nephew's new digital camera or on a million dollar sound stage, you'd better have a couple good old standards, just in case. News or Comedy, doesn't matter. Or- as in Jon Stewart's case, both. That man has all but fellated the entire DNC from that stage, inviting anyone who's ever witten a mimeographed tract dissing the right up on stage for a 10 minute love-fest. He's a bright guy, but it's petty demagoguery disguised as satire. His audience is young, decidedly liberal and adores him. Not that he's not bright, but anyone can preach to the choir and get a reaction. Tell black jokes at a Klan rally and you'd probably get the same reaction, fer cryin' out loud. Both are equally pointless.

I listen to NPR quite a bit also -- actually, I listen to WPR, which is Wisconsin Public Radio. The difference being that they have a more local flavor to the programming.

But your point is well taken. Nothing is too obscure for NPR/WPR/whatever.
I've become a Biiig Fan of "Car Talk" and "Whaddaya Know", but Feldman is one of those with mild tourettes. It's pretty amusing, but I still find myself having to filter it a bit too much for my liking. Other than that- They make me ponder things I would'nt ordinarily.
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