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Sunday, April 24, 2005
Embrace the Suck
I am amazed at the active acts of denial required to snigger at the Army recruiting goals, or to be more precise- Their inability to meet them. That was the big story sandwiched under Michael Jackson and Terry Schiavo- We've seen coverage from all over the spectrum rehashing the "dismal" numbers, and the squirming P.R. Officers put on the spot. The recruiters themselves probably want to commit suicide after all that press.

Don't fight the negative spin. Embrace it- When the numbers for next quarter come out, how about looking the reporters dead in the eye? No squirming, no pretense or putting on the brave face- Just look 'em in the eye.

NPR/CBS/CNN Correspondent
: "In spite of claims that we are, in fact winning the war on terror- How do you respond to claims that the army is falling short on its recruitment goals?"
Army: "Well.... Could it be- *leans in closer and whispers in a conspiratorial tone* Because they might be asked to go to Iraq for a year, where they could quite possibly DIE? Are you... stupid?
Would you go for a year, no beer, very few women, leave you family, work 12 to 16 hours a day, every day- and then turn around and do it again at a later date?"

The 101st had a saying during the initial push into Baghdad- "Embrace the Suck." Which means,"Yeah, it's bad, but this is what we do.." With the exception of Hassan Ackbar, (who pitched grenades into a tent and shot his fellow soldiers as they ran out) they performed with honor in tough, inhospitable conditions. That's what the army as a whole does- Perform with honor- in tough situations. That's not a bad message, all in all, and that's why I have such a bone to pick with the Left.

I guess the most important question is:
Does the Left have an equivalent to this kind of commitment? There's always the Peace Corps, which requires two years of service for very little in return, but other than marching and getting blisters- What are they doing? Printing pamphlets and marching for twelve hours on a Saturday is not commitment. That's a social activity.
At worst- You might get gassed, or, if you push the cops really hard you might get popped with a club. You get half a point there, but if you behave (remember- You have the right to peacefull assembly..) you get to go home feeling warm and fuzzy. At best, you get to be a part of something and maybe a thorn in your johnson if you have to pee in someone's rosebushes along the way.

How many of them would sign up to march and protest, or- do anything- for 12 to 16 hours a day, 7 days a week at pay below the poverty level? It's a purely rhetorical question, but again, I question their loyalty to anything. They have no equivalent to the life-wrecking tour the modern soldier undergoes. It's a fact- War sucks, but there are those over there right now in their second tour. That's commitment.

Jesus- The fact that men and women show up on the doorsteps of recruiters at all is a friggin' miracle. The MSM won't even turn on a camera unless the reporter has a smoldering body part in the background.

The Left as they stand right now, are nothing more than isolationists with better signs, masquerading as idealists.
Most of what they do is driven by a need to feel a part of something greater than themselves, to be a "force for change", but again- They are looking to the 60's as their template. What they've forgotten are the sheer numbers the baby boomers could put up on any given day. They could be a massive herd of tie dye and beligerence when they wanted to be, and the modern left is a little slow on the uptake when considering this fact.
Let's hope it stays that way for a while.

I'd also point out that its not surprising the Army is missing its quota considering its March and kids are still in college or high school. Not to mention we are in a war time stance and the economy is picking up.
You are dead correct. That was supposed to be my original point-(Although I didn't express it very well...)
I think I got sidetracked and it was late- Enlisting has a whole box of things that come with it now, as opposed to "Something to do until I figure out what I want to do when I grow up" that was the common theme in peace time.
The fact that people are still showing up is a testament to American Resilliency.
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