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Sunday, April 24, 2005
Guest Bloggers coming soon!
Guest Bloggers coming soon!
I think I'm going to have guest bloggers start popping in- I have an idea who my first guest is going to be, but we're still negotiating the terms and conditions right now. Suffice it to say that it won't be someone who thinks just like I do.
In fact- I need a little outside opinion just to keep me honest. I like to hear and ponder other's views just to check myself, and as a very wise man once told me- "You have the right to be right, the right to be wrong, and the right to change your mind based on new information."

Once I get my email straightened out, I'll put it out there so you can throw your name into the hat-
If you want to be a guest blogger, the following conditons must be met.
  1. I have to like you and what you write.(hey- It's my blog.. Bite me. )
  2. You don't nessesarily have to posess the same set of political beliefs as me, but you will take off your tinfoil hat and present reasoned, logical and persuasive arguments for your beliefs, thoughts, etc.
  3. I get to referee the comments section- Remember- The guest blogger is a guest and we will treat him/her as such.
  4. I get editorial priveledges on every post before it's submitted. I don't need someone posting a picture of their butt in a last-minute fit of partisanship.

Now- Having said all that- Enough Left-bashing for a while..

New rule:(Maybe)
I could start using this photo everytime I go off on a rant, just to keep me from being a one-note bugle..

Hell- Even I'm getting tired of hearing myself bitch about them, so I'll switch gears and go off in the more everyday direction for a day or two. Maybe.

Not for too long, though.

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