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Thursday, April 21, 2005
Killer Care Bears
I used to think of the Left as your typical "Bleeding Heart" tree-hugging (insert milquetoast stereotype here..) kind of movement. That's been revised to include a different, more organic kind of movement, the kind that makes kindergardners giggle. (Okay, I admit it- I still snicker every time I hear a scientist say "Uranus", so I can't claim intellectual high ground on that one...)

Apparently, the Care Bears have come down with rabies...(hats off to FrontPageMag) Whatever happened to your kinder, gentler left? Did they drop the brown acid? Did they have an allergic reaction to organic food en masse? WTF are you people thinking? This is what you call tolerance, enlightenment and "dissent"? Ye flippin' gods, when they march, it's like they're lemmings on a three-day meth jag, looking for a place to crash.

No one bothered to tell them the 60's are really passe'. Dude- Get a grip, get out of class and go see the world without the pot and patchoulli. Bathing is in, and rehabs were perhaps the 60's greatest contribution to society to date. Oh, sure- The music was pretty good, but as the old joke goes:

Q: What did the DeadHead say when he ran out of drugs?
A: Um... *looks around in confusion* Did they always suck?

(It's a musician joke.. Sorry- I couldn't resist.)

I hope they all get their picture taken. Not out of any "Big Brother" scenario, but just so they can look back at themselves and go- "Um... Did we always take ourselves so seriously?"


The posters and placards from FrontPageMag are quite amusing. It is my wager that most of the people holding up those posters live in centrist democracies. It is ironic that people feel a certain fondness for a system that they've never actually lived under. But maybe that is natural.
I would not take that bet, my friend-
It looks like a quick way to lose money.

I think everyone takes their given situation for granted if they have nothing else to compare it to. However, I also find it interesting that those who have lived under less flexible systems find centrist democracies to be almost intoxicating.

I give the protesters a small measure of understanding in that sense, but these people seem to have abandoned reason in the process. For that- I take perverse pleasure in taking aim and leeting loose. Perhaps a little too much pleasure, so I try to find other things to write about- But I'm so boring, it borders on the absurd.
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