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Thursday, April 14, 2005
My blog is mutating..
I really did want my blog to be the light-hearted day-by-day kind.

It's not looking good, is it?
I can't help it.. I surf around the blogosphere and I find hundreds of things that I take issue with, so I post some of them here, and as most bloggers will tell you- It's pretty therapeutic.

I find myself pondering the differences between the right and the left all the time, but the left seems to really yank my chain on a far more regular basis. I think it's because the standards they hold everyone to and the tactics they use are so machiavellian at times.
I have to shake my head and .. Well-
Point and laugh.

They are finding themselves in the rather unenviable position of being the lunatic fringe, their points not resonating with the public at large, and it's getting ugly.
I found a link on Fark yesterday that made me think that not only are they getting more desperate, they're just batshit crazy. There was a t-shirt company actually selling shirts that said "For god's sake, sombody kill Bush. For the good of the country, for the good of the world.."
(They pulled the link down after a bunch of people said "Dude.. WTF??" AND before the secret service came knocking on their door inquiring about their exact intentions.) Thus, you'll have to take my word for it, since they came to their senses and covered their tracks, but hopefully not before somebody mirrored the page. Believe me- If I find it, I'll post it.

In all fairness, I find the more distastefull elements of the right easier to ignore than the left, but I do have my pet peeves with the right as well.

My biggest gripe? The right has no imagination at all. They like things safe and predictable, and new things scare the bejesus out of them. Fear is perhaps the single biggest impediment to the neoCons right now-( That and the super-hard-core fundamentalists religious types. They really need to peel off and go find another party.)
In contrast, the left is in love with the possibilities but give almost no thought to the probabilities, whereas the right can at least be counted on to make their shit work. (Unfortunately for the right, it usually leaves somebody out in the cold.)

Here's another observation- The right falls in line behind candidates who appear to be morally conservative and dispassionate. (See above statements regarding safety and predictablility) Liberals fall in love with candidates who are morally flawed, but passionate. They could be a closet crackhead, two dead bodies in the basement and a 10 year old sex slave chained in the garage, but "By god he's gonna change things"...

I found myself ging over the most notable of president and politicians from the last 20 years and my thoughts on each surprised me when I broke it down.
For example- Bill Clinton.
Despicable human being, decent president, (I can't believe I wrote that, but he wasn't that bad..) but probably the best politician the world has ever seen. That man could talk his way out of his own execution, and make you feel pretty good about it. When I say decent president, I mean to imply that he didn't hurt anything. At least he had enough sense to let Greenspan drive the economic bus and didn't backseat drive. However- At the time, I felt like he was evil personified, and his wife was sleeping with communists at fundraisers selling national secrets in exchange for tips on socialized medicine.

Ye gods, how I hated those two when they were in office. I actually wanted to believe they offed Vincent Foster because it fit my caricature of them I had painted in my head. Time has passed, and I've mellowed some, but when that Bitch runs for office, I'm gonna lose my mind all over again. She's insincere, and a carpet-bagger at that. I guess it's why I can at least understand why the left is so rabid over Bush. He fits every stereotype they have af all that's bad with a politician and it's easy to imagine the worst, becase they want to believe the worst. It vindicates them.

Next- Richard Nixon.
What a delusional, paranoid nut-case. Oh, well- At least we don't have old Dick to kick around any more. What can I say? He was a victim of his own paranoia- End of story.

Jimmy Carter- Lousy president, but- where it counts most- He's an outstanding human being. He's done more out of office than anyone else, public or private, and is what he appears to be- Your classic, bleeding-heart liberal, but he walks the walk and in the end, the world is better off because of him. Mad props to the peanut man from Georgia.

Reagan- Great President, decent human being. Not a perfect president, but he did more to restore faith in ourselves than anyone since FDR. You can snipe about his failures and shortcomings all you want, but you are living in a world as a direct benificiary of his leadership.

There'll be more on this, but for now, my writing is labored and forced. Time to quit when I'm ahead, and come back when I'm feeling creative again.

It's nice to get an American perspective on some things. I hate to categorize, but it appears from your posts that you try to stay either middle-of-the-road or moderately right of center. No value judgement here; just an observation.

It always baffles me, though, that in the United States, "right" is almost always automatically equated with "religious". Does this have to be so?

I am right-of-center on most Indian issues and am about as irreverent and blasphemous as they come. My best friend in this country, an Irish-American gentleman, is a Republican and an atheist. So what gives?
It's like this- There's a term which is catching on in broader circles which I have adopted as my own- The so-called "South Park Republicans" of which I am one.

What that means: More of us are disenchanted with the self-righteousness of both sides, who claim to hold the franchise on The Truth. We generally ignore the more vocal extremes of both parties, and settle for policies that are practical, yet inclusive.

It's not nessesarily an oxymoron anymore to be an Atheist AND a Republican, although that wasn't always the case. It just seems to be easier for the left to paint us as church-going trogolodytes, too stupid to see the wisdom of their ways.

Feel free to categorize any time- Keen observation and logic are welcome, and I always reserve the right to be wrong on any given topic.
How can you be more upset with the lunatic fringe on the left when the lunatic fringe on the right is actually controlling the country.

Sure there may be a guy sellint t-shirts that say Kill Bush, but he's just some guy seling t-shirts, there are Congressmen on the right advocating (or at the very least tacitly encouraging) violence against judges, it's disgusting.

As for the left falling in love with passionate flawed politicians, the right does that as well. How many times do you have to hear a republican talking about the sanctity of marraige then find out he cheated on his wife before you realize that these guys are not morally superior to anyone, they just lie a lot better.
Well, JR...

One- It's not really just some guy selling T-shirts out of his basement.
It's CafePress, which sells a whole buttload of T-shirts- of all kinds, AND they have a whole catalog of snarky T-shirts espousing this, that, and the other, all snotty and very self-righteous. No big deal, really, and some can be seen as funny and clever.

However, my point alluded to the fact that they've lost all sense of perspective about what's funny and clever, and went leaping way overboard on a dead run.

Lunatic fringe running the country? I don't know about all that, but if it makes you feel better, Okay. We'll call them the "lunatic fringe". Provided the "fringe" can be also be considered "half the nation".

Exactly who is advocating, tacitly OR implicitly- Violence? Who? When you make claims like this, I wonder where this comes from. Believe me- I like to make claims as well, some astounding, some figments of my keen super-human observational powers, but I don't make broad generalizations and categorize them as fact when making a point.

Unless I can back them up.

Otherwise, it's just hysterical ranting with no substance. Now- If you can find me a legit scource referring to said endorsements, I will be all over it denouncing the offenders just like everyone else with half a brain.

As for the right wing politicians having affairs? Hey- Every body is entitled to a little side action, depending on what the meaning of "is" is. Neither side is as perfect as each would have you believe-

Absolutes don't exist, and if you find a politician who doesn't play to his or her most party faithful, then I'll show you..
An Ex-Politician who lost.

The public forced to choose between politicians who say things they don't mean to an audience who doesn't believe, due to the media who distill things into absurd absolutes via soundbytes.

Blind ideology is a dangerous thing- On either side, and your party is just as guilty as mine. I'm just as likely to get annoyed at a moron on the right as easily as one from the left- But the left has turned derision into an art form, and they have better hair and P.R.
I can't believe you said clinton didn’t hurt anything. Let me see, Oklahoma City Bombing (yes, you can lay the blame on him and his selection for the Attorney General), Embassy Bombings, 1st World Trade Center Bombing, Bosnia/Kosovo, Somalia, Kobar Towers. Did I miss anything? Oh, and his mismanagement of information on bin laden. He was so afraid to piss off the fwench and liberals in hollyweird, he did nothing to protect this country. He also managed to screw up the military with his half assed policies and general disrespect for those of us in uniform. He embarrassed this country with his flagrant infidelity and made a mockery of the office. I guess you could call him the JFK of his time. The man is a cartoon and his faithful spouse has no pride. Nice blog, love the writing style. Picked you up at Major K's site.
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Awww, Shucks.. *Blushes, scuffs toe on ground..* Thanks for the compliments.

As for Clinton? I God, how I loathed that man. You're right- He turned the Oval Office into his personal backstage green room. He was sufficiently vague on most of his policies to be a footnote in history in the long run.

I am just gald he's gone- Now.. When Hillary runs, I will start foaming at the mouth all over again.
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