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Wednesday, April 06, 2005
Nowhere to hide.
I have nowhere to hide.
I turn on the TV, I go out on the web, I turn on the radio, my girlfriend brings home assignments from school- It's all over. The left side of the political universe has spun off its axis and is careening wildly out of control. Major K has a good blog, readable and concise, most importantly, he's over there- Yet even he was jumped by the standard Oil-Military-Industrial Tinfoil-Hat type in the comments section. Pissed me off to no end, but I refrained from joining in the flame fest, since the good Major was gracious and refused to take the bait.

I mean.. Jesus Christ- You have every major university, the public school sytem, all but one of the major networks, the publishing industry, New York, L.A, Philadelphia, several major newspapers and all of the music industry, (except country, but you're a little too snobby to call that music..) and yet it's not enough. Hell- You own Hollywood outright, to the point that no actor who wants to keep his career would even consider giving support to the dark side.

Go away, fer chrissakes. Stop yammering about things that you have no proof of. Leave the soldiers alone- It's not enough for you? You are hell-bent on being right, you just know it in your heart-of-hearts, but those stupid people in Jesusland sold you out and fell for the lies and ruined everything. You have such a need to be right that it matters not what you say and who you say it to.
The soldiers? Pawns in the Oil machine.
Their sacrifices mean nothing to you. The separation from friends and family mean nothing, the constant danger, enduring a year of duty not asked for, not yearned for, in spite of everything you tell yourselves so you can paint them in the broadest brush possible. It only matters that you can vent your spleen even if it means frustrating a soldier in a far away and VERY dangerous place.

If I help you out, will you go away?

You lost.
You lost because you made Godwin's law your entire platform. You lost because you marched, screamed and yelled. You lost because you trotted out the pretty and talented people who made impassioned speeches and sang songs. You lost because you made pseudo-documentaries, did scathing exposes with forged documentation, sent journalists to document the horror, when in reality all you were looking for was crimes at the scene of the clue.

The people in "Jesusland" didn't buy it either, in spite of the fact that pretty people are very nice to look at, and musicians are fun to listen to- But they have nothing to do life in "Jesusland". In fact, nothing you did or said had anything to do with the average American. Your hate was palpable, your intolerance and cynicism were your downfall. You built yourself a hall of mirrors, one big, pretty gleaming PR machine, carefully nurtured over the years.

All the pieces were in place- The schools to nurture the young, the colleges to mold the idealistic, the news to sway the uninformed, the arts to impress the impressionable.. Staggering isn't it? You're asking yourselves: "How could this be?" The nazis had their Hitler youth, the idea being to mold the youth into an idealized version of Germanic humanity. I hate to invoke Godwin's law- but if the shoe fits, you just got kicked in the ass with it.

Here's the real reason, though:
The sixties were your high-water mark. Never were you so powerfull as then, drunk with the power of ideas, conforming to the standards of non-conformity, your music powerful, your drugs more so. You look at the 60's like the red states look at WWII, or the idyllic fifties. You saw war looming, and dusted off the same tactics that worked for you then, but as someone in another blog so eloquently put it- "We examined your ways and found them wanting." You are narcissistic. Self-important. Elitist. Sarcastic. Relentless. You are in love with the shadow of your former self, and insist that we revere your dead icons as you do. Unfortunately, most of your idols died a self-inflicted death, and are not in fact, casualties of a war of ideology as you would have us believe. You cannot make your high ideals work in a real and practical sense because most of them run counter to human nature. They work wonderfully in small controled environments, but they fall short on a large scale- i.e. Communism, Socialism, etc..

Forget Peace. It's a myth- If you want to test this theory, try yanking the cops off the streets and protest in the worst neighborhoods you can find. That's what these places are- A Microcosm of the places that we fight in. Crime is war on a very small scale. Every gang leader is a small-time dictator, running his world as he sees fit, solely for the benefit of himself and his homies. Start ther- When you get that fixed then I'll pay attention to you. Until then- You're out of touch and irrelevant.

Hi Rob. Just found you through Major K's link.

How nice it is to know I'm not the only one who thinks these things. I just spent 5 years on a liberal college campus and all I wanted to do was scream those words from the highest belltower at the top of my lungs. Thank you for taking the words right out of my mouth and leaving me speechless!

You write good stuff. You've definitely been added to my "Daily Read" list. Keep up the good work!
If there is any hope for us all, you are it.
I too found you via Major K. This has to be one of the best Right-handed Bitchslaps ever! Now I gotta go read the rest of your posts. Keep up the good work!
Hi. I just found you at Major K's. Love this post. It tells is like it is.
hi rob...

i'm one of major k's brothers. excellent post, right on! thanks for the good thoughts for the major and his men.


Like EllenCecilia, I also just found your blog via Major K.'s link.

I am currently on a left-of-center college campus, and I am very much right-of-center. I don't entirely agree, however, with the dichotomy that this entry creates... I think it's a lot more complex that this. That's true for most multi-faceted issues, of the present and the past.

I don't know if this is the first weblog that I've been to in which the author identifies himself as a "South Park Republican"... I am not too familiar with that characterization... But I think I may have come across this encylopedia article before.

Along those lines, did you see that widely-circulated Time article from last summer on Young America's Foundation's "National Conservative Student Conference," which was also about the growing influence of conservatism on our country's youth? That was a good write-up, and you might find it interesting...
Hey why not join...I too followed the link at MAJ K's sight. I love invoking Godwin's Law. I first heard of that from James Taranto at WSJ Best of the Web. The shoe does fit, and it is a size 13 combat boot!

Commander Dan
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