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Wednesday, May 04, 2005
Jingoism- It's the new thang in slang!
I have a hard time with those on the Left who dismiss any show of support and solidarity for the troops as "mindless jingoism". This is just ordinary irritation in my book- Annoyance that everyone isn't jumping on their bandwagon, that people aren't joining the "cause". Jingoism is the new catch phrase, joining "fascist" and "Nazi" in the New Left lexicon.

Here again, is my oft-repeated theme that the Left is out of touch. At one time, they represented a huge segment of the population; that being the young, politically motivated baby-boomers who had something to say about being drafted in a war they really couldn't lay claim to. They marched, forced change and left a mark on society not because they were right per se, but because there were too many too ignore.

America was taken by surprise at the time, but that has since worn off. Protests are passe; a relic of a bygone era, but the left has romanticized the 60's to the point where we are immune to them, and they're too fond of them to let go.

They're going after the soldiers- Big mistake. The soldiers are the pointy end of the spear.. You go after the hands that hold the spear, you don't saw into the handle to weaken it. You may need that spear someday, and I just know they'll be the ones screaming the loudest, claiming dereliction of duty, and whatever else they can comeup with that sounds as drastic and dramatic as they can make it.

You will always find a soldier who doesn't like what he does, or how long he's been there. (If he gives an interview, well then so much the better for the MSM.) The left hee-haws behind their sleeves and all but point and giggle.

It's really all they have to work with. Imagine their frustration, exiled into political echo chambers full of people just like themselves, because no one else is listening. To add insult to injury they were beaten (twice) by a man they love to lampoon as a chimp, a functional illiterate barely able to speak a complete sentence without mangling the english language.
They have yet to come to terms with this harsh new reality.

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