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Friday, May 27, 2005
Late night musings.
Okay.. I lied.

I should never make any predictions about how often I'm going to post. I thought for sure this week would suck all the energy out of me, and I'd resort to short, irratable quickies.

This link I posted earlier has got me thinking about what we could be in store for- The left has nothing to focus their energy on right now, so that leaves protests in front of recruiting stations, hard cheap shots in milblog comments and general snottiness to fill the void in their fruitless little lives.

Protesting in front of recruiting stations has to be the biggest irony of all, and they're too self righteous to see it. they're using a social activity (that's all protests are- A big fuzzy get together) to protest the signing up of students for a military commitment.

Commitment- The left thinks they're committed, but they're just isolationists. They think their "voice" needs to be heard, but it's just talk.

Talk is dirt cheap and we're full up here, kids.

I would love to compare their lives with that of a soldier's family. The left, by comparison knows nothing of "commitment", no clue what separation, debt and family hardship is.

They are losing, and they're turning on my beloved military. (Holy crap, that pisses me off, and I'll be damned if I stand passively by should I ever hear some self-righteous prick say anything disparaging to a soldier returning home.)
If they can't win by other means, they are turning back the pages to the sixties all over again this time by attempting to poison morale. I shudder to think what that means if they do this en masse.

"Look! We won!" they'll say. "We finally made the soldiers see reason, and the power of the people is not to be denied.."

No- What they are trying to do is make things so miserable for those in the service, giving them the impression that they have no support at home so that a tough job will become nearly impossible. They're not all that fond of the military anyway, so if they pull the rug out from under them- Eh.. So what.

Back then, the left were the ones shouting "Baby Killers" and spitting on soldiers in uniform. They blamed everyone in uniform for the atrocities committed by a few. Hell, I didn't base my perception of the entire left on Charles Manson and Ted Kennedy- But that didn't stop them.

I fear this attitude isn't far away and destined to happen all over again.

God forbid Bush succeed. That's the heart of the whole issue. You can take any stance they have, any action and boil it down to that sentence. He must not succeed. Ever.

They need to be right, at any cost. Any cost at all.

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