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Tuesday, May 31, 2005
Memorial Day
Memorial Day has passed with the requisite sacrificing of the chicken and hot dogs, family and friends. (Well- family and friends weren't exactly sacrificed, but you get the point, I'm sure. )

I am indeed grateful.

As a history buff, I am fascinated by the sacrifices and struggles made by ordinary men and women who by all other accounts were ordinary people, just like you and I.

Most of the "heroes" I've met would rather have not been heroes at all- The emotional price some have paid was almost too great and while people like myself hold them in awe, they would give almost anything just to be normal. They were glad to have been useful in most cases, and most certainly do not regret the actions they took, but some it would seem- Would just like to be a store clerk or an accountant as opposed to scarred hero.

It is this aspect of the military I admire most- The ability to endure, to withstand and to serve an ideal which at times seems to be fading. The American dream is still alive and well, but we have paid a price for the social upheaval we underwent in the sixties. Soldiers are still wary of a fickle public turning on them, to be scorned or spit upon. The ribbon campaigns and contact with family and friends has dampened some of that, but the left seems intent on keeping it alive.

Soldiers are not perfect. Far from it- An Army will always behave as armies- or rather- people do under great stress. Some will have the worst brought out in them, others will have moments of gallantry and bravery they will forever be measured against. Nonetheless, our servicemen and women are doing remarkably well because deep down- We still believe Americans are good.
I too, believe we are- Unfortunately the Arab world has created in us all that they see as wrong with the world. Zionists and Americans represent all the evil, wrapped up neatly and delivered to their doorstep, ready made to scorn and destroy, guilt-free. This is easier than dealing with the issues for themselves. Explosives are a quick solution when compared to the tedious democratic process.

We have endured worse, and we will prevail- in spite of and because of our national self. The Armed forces are still comprised of citizen soldiers, and this is our greatest strength.

Good post.

Many have debated the justification for this particular war. Some have argued, me included, that the locus of the American effort should have been elsewhere, in another country(Hint: The name of the country begins with a "P" and it has the letters a,k,i,s,t,a,n in its name).

But what is beyond all debate and all argument is the commitment of the soldiers. Because they don't rationalize a war, they fight it. And I, like you, am in awe of anyone who puts their lives on the line to do something that is so beyond the average human experience.
Hmm.. I am not nearly as informed on the topic of Pakistan as I should be. Certainly many in India would no doubt love to see us open a can on them- But as an uninformed individual I can only say that I have a hard time buying that as of right now.. That may change.

Having said that, I wasn't sold on the Iraq idea to begin with. I was pretty sure it would be long and ugly, and I knew we'd be in for a lot of "I told you so's".
Once war is joined however, it's time to put debate aside.
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