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Monday, May 02, 2005
My juvenile sense of humor.

In honor of all the incessant ruminations offered up by the punditry over Michael Jackson, I offer you a picture that has been cracking me up since I found it on Fark. (I never claimed to be original.. I steal all my pics from there- Except the troll- He was snagged off a google image search.)

I am a firm believer in "innocent until proven guilty".
However- Having met a fair amount of famous people, I was always more interested in watching how people react to them: Otherwise normal people will all but pee themselves like exited puppies when they meet someone famous. After the giddiness wears off, you watch them try to ingratiate themselves in sometimes absurd ways. I once heard a woman tell everyone within earshot that she'd "Just heard her pee", the "her" being a semi-famous country singer who just so happened to need to use the facilities adjacent to her. She then went up to bond with said countrified diva over their shared urinary adventure, and was somewhat hurt by her cold, blank stare.

I smell an element of gold-digging to this trial. But.... I have also yet to be proven wrong when applying the adage of "where there's smoke, there's fire" ..
There's been a whole lotta smoke coming from Neverland ranch over the years, so if the end result is increased difficulty in luring more little kids into his child trap- Well, good.

Then, there's also been a whole lot of shrieking from the left concerning the minuteman project-
They're demonizing- as usual. I've heard "vigilante" and the ever popular "racism", but I can't help but snigger derisively when I see this picture of the self appointed "Legal Observers". A picture truly is worth a thousand words.

Okay, a thousand and.. However many is in the following question:
Is this guy there to catalog the injustice, or to make sure his source isn't cut off?

According to the ACLU: "Written accounts of the day's events were submitted- Disturbing reports of rampant "Jack-Booted Thuggery", several requests for "more brownies" and one titled 'Ode to Cheetos'".

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