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Wednesday, May 18, 2005
Skeptics unite- Carefully, and from a distance.
I'm a natural born skeptic.

I know everyone has been giving Newsweek the beatdown and I really, really want to join in and kick the snot out of the troubled icon of the MSM, but that reaction alone makes me hit my mental parachute.

Why? My brain must work funny.
Every time I fell for something simply because I wanted it to be true, I've gotten burned.

One phrase in particular has caught my ear in all the hub-bub concerning the "source". I haven't checked the left side of the blogosphere, but I'm sure this has not gone unnoticed.

The source backed away.

Let me dwell on the implications of that simple statement for a moment, and for the right-sided hardcore press-hating reader- Brace yourself and count to ten.

They are rightfully being accused of sloppy journalism, but the fact that a source backed away as opposed to saying, "nope- didn't happen. I read it wrong." is a very subtle and crucial difference.

I am not naive enough to think for a minute that the media would refrain and NOT report such a story for the sake of the impact it could have on the troops. Those days died in the Tet offensive. However, the fact that the White House held back for a day or two tells me that they did a little fact checking of their own. It may or may not have given them a clue as to who the source was. (That was my token "Tinfoil Hat" moment..) Did they get to the source causing him to back down and go "rabbit" on them? Who knows?

Now- Even IF the story has merit- Should they have reported it? How should they have handled it?

Lotsa questions, and fewer answers, but if they had any other motive other than fame, money and an anti- administration agenda they would have held back and told them to fix it fast and make it right lest they blow the lid off.

That's the part that makes it so much fun to kick them when they're down.

What is MSM? Besides a drug. I'm not too dim and realize that it's some sort of a tangential reference to the Left. What's the genesis?
MSM = Main Stream Media.
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