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Wednesday, May 18, 2005
The sound of silence
I got in to work this morning, got the first few menial tasks out of the way, and started poking around the blogosphere checking all the heavy hitters hoping to absorb their take on the Angry Scottsman.
Nada. Nothing. Silencio. (At least from the right side of the spectrum....) Glenn Reynolds didn't have much, but he did have this. That deafenng silence amongst the right side tells me more than any scathing critique.
The left side of the spectrum, however- They all but creamed themselves.

That fact alone is enough to set my right knee to jerking reflexively, but I had to stand back and assess my original thoughts on the Galloway testimony. He's a tough, belligerent character, and he came in and leveled an old-fashioned full-on broadside. Just like the british man 'o war of old, there was lots of smoke and lots of noise, but how much of what he said made a dent? I think I'll wait untill the smoke and noise fade away a bit to see what happens next, but at least I give credit to the chairman for not falling out of his chair during the onslaught.

So- Fiery rhetoric notwithstanding- Did he answer all the questions? Heeelll no. He went back on the offense , handily deflecting the questions.

Did he make valid points concerning the credibility of our intelligence? Yep. Dead on.

So, in short- Is the case taking on water? Most definitely, but I don't think he sunk it just yet.

I am quoting the Scottsman direct here:

Under repeated questioning, Mr Galloway conceded that Mr Zureikat did have extensive business dealings with the Saddam regime but, challenged over whether his friend’s generous contributions to the Mariam Appeal - £900,000 by his own previous assessments - could have come from the sale of oil, he stonewalled.

Urged to say if he would repay the cash if it could be proved to have come from such a source, he again ducked the question. Mr Galloway first met Mr Zureikat, a Jordanian businessman, through his now-estranged wife Amineh Abu-Zayyad, who had attended the same university in Jordan. The men became friends and set up the Mariam Appeal in 1998.

That, my friends is where the comittee has him, IF they can keep him from wriggling out from under their thumb. That may prove hard to do, but he could be seen crowing all over the pundit circuit, and he may come in over-confident next time.

Let's hope so.

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