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Sunday, May 01, 2005
Sunday after-action report
It has been a looo-oo-oong week.

In addition to working my day job, I moonlight in a hobby band that plays mostly weekends with the occasional 4 day stand at the local Holliday Inn. Those jobs are nice, since they only come around every 4-6 weeks, and the cash infusion is certainly welcome, but good lord, they kick my ass. I used to do this for a living, paying all my bills and some rather large bar tabs in this manner, but after 15 years I've gotten older, have a day job and do it as a part-time source of income. Not a bad way to get paid, but-do it for as long as I have, and it gets old after four consecutive days.
I have a recliner and remote control now, which I have come to cherish deeply; for we have become extremely close. I missed them this week, and I am certain they felt unused and unloved.

I also haven't had much time for blogging- for which I apologize- but, I need my beauty sleep. In addition to all that insanity I get up on Sunday mornings to play in the group at my church which is a nice break from playing in bars. Needless to say, I was hardly filled with the spirit this morning, but it beats playing for drunks after four straight days and I at least feel like I'm doing something worthwile. I may not be a bible thumper, but I like the vibe, as long as I stay away from the church politics and those that feel a need to shoestring tackle you and "witness".

We don't have too many of those, (thank goodness) since I don't take well to prosleytizing, so I'm still welcome. There are few things worse than being button-holed by some well-meaning, but out of touch self appointed bearers of the torch. I have gotten better- I don't bait the J.W's when they come around any more- I have grown up enough to respect their commitment to their faith, but don't interrupt my down time with your "message" or you will get a door shut in your face. If I'm in a really good mood, you'll get a "No thanks- I think the neighbors are home, and they'd love to hear from you..".
Last time I did that when they'd been banging on their P.O.S cars in their garage until 3am the night before.
I hope the ever-eager J.W's knocked loud and long.

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