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Thursday, May 12, 2005
Yet another rant- With graphics, even!
With all the death and destruction going on in the Iraq, on the part of the Iraqis or U.S. Soldiers, I am constantly amazed at the gall of the Left.
I'm not sure which one makes them happier- The fact that they can bring up "mission accomplished", or the fact that soldiers are dying.

It's a harsh charge to level, but I've seen enough. When soldiers die, it's a sarcastic 'Look how well the war is going" and when bombs go off it's "quagmire" all the while failing to realize themselves that this isn't about the war-
It's about them being right. They will never, ever allow themselves to be wrong, no matter what lengths they have to go to to make it so.

They don't really care about the tragedy of a lost soldier and his family- That is purely secondary to the primary issue in their minds which is "see, I told you so". Every death brings a small flicker of private pleasure in their minds, proving them "right" Their reputations are at stake, they, the enlightened ones, the dreamers, who do nothing but bitch from the cheap seats. Enlistments are down?
Haw, haw.

Trumpeting the fact that enlistments are down is a lot like discovering elephant poop instead of the great white elephant in the middle of the room. Pure genius. If a young person can get a job in the safety of the states, why would he subject himself to the possibility of duty in Iraq? People are still volunteering. As in- Signing up willingly. Showing up knowing what the risks may well be, in spite of all your efforts.

To the left, I pose this question- (again)
What are you doing? You could join the peace corps, if you thought your voice wasn't being heard- I could get behind that, and you'd get some dirt under your nails and probably a better idea of what your ideals are worth. Put them to the test. DO SOMETHING besides run your mouth. The vast majority of you are barely even part time, at that- The occasional saturday afternoon, and every now and then you really gird your loins and go on a bus trip and wave signs and sing songs.

That is almost so pointless as to be beneath contempt.

Wise? Enlightened? You fail to grasp such a simple concept as this; Speech and peacefull assembly are protected here in the U.S. If you were in danger of being imprisoned, beaten and tortured, I would give you the measure of respect you so desperately crave. (Getting arrested and a facefull of pepper pray is not being beaten and tortured, BTW.)

You have lost touch with America, you have lost your dignity and you have all but lost your mind.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again:
In short-

Nicely said.
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