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Friday, June 03, 2005
Beef Jerky Wars
If you'll care to take a gander over in yon sidebar, you'll notice the icon labeled "Bloggers for Beef Jerky".
"Why, what is this?" you ask yourself-

Go ahead.


You know you want to...

For those of you with dial-up or ADD, I'll spell it out for you.

It seems Jean-Paul, of The National Guard Experience is attempting to take advantage of the generosity afforded to him by the donating public. In short- he's trying to stack the deck, grease the wheels, and buck the system by looking the proverbial gift horse in the mouth and declaring it unfit for consumption. He should've started small, asking for gradual changes according to need and taste, but...

He got greedy.

He went straight for the holy grail and asked for, of all things- A friggin' Ipod.

Not only that- He's trying to ruin it for lesser mortals who actually dare to confess a liking for Beef Jerky. I mean.. What if you're out on patrol, in full battle rattle and not gonna make it back in time for chow? Whaddaya do? Reach in your pocket and pull out your Ipod? Do you know how long a charge lasts on those things?

At the very least, you can pull out a nice, healthy chunk o' Dried Cow, which will hold you over nicely, keeping your blood sugar levels normal- thus preventing your hunger-induced bad attitude AND your crappy music from adversely affecting the mission.

The nerve of some people.

You have to admit you do have crappy taste in music as well. LOL
Yes Country Music. Have to if'n your a hick. Might get yer tir's slashed.
Oh and any proposal scares the heck outa me. :) Mom or no Mom.
Though I do agree with your comment. I do get so mad at her.
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