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Thursday, June 09, 2005
The cure for the blues is...

I am sitting here watching “Reno 911”.. The show is pure genius.
Brilliance. It's hard to be self-absorbed when you’re watching those freaks wander around, enforcing the law largely by accident...

In my semi-famous “boobies” post, I took a little editorial license claiming the accused no-show lingerie launcher had called me a 'pervert".

She didn’t.

I made that part up.

*sigh* There.. I said it.

I also promised that I would make a public apology upon the condition that she actually show up, sans bra-

Sooo. Here goes.


I am now officially contrite, provided that the other half of this agreement uphold her end of the bargain. If said party refuses to show up minus breast support of any kind other than outer wear, my contriteness is hereby terminated. Any additional acts of repentance will require jumping, dancing or sheer fabric, at which point I shall joyously renounce any and all statements as required.


I feel better already. Boobs cure everything.

Are you making this up too Rob?
What a "Man" you

The only part I threw in was the "Pervert".
Oh- And making the email public put me in the doghouse, but Hey.. I gotta have something to look forward to.
Something to look forward about this.
I seen an ad saying 1000 penthouse for sale I believe it was 200 bucks.
Just a thought,could help what ails ya.
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