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Saturday, June 18, 2005
Home at last..

Well… I’m back.

Did battle with the traffic, emerging unscathed.. Barely. I managed to get lost on the beltway around Baltimore, but that always happens to me, since I have no sense of direction at all.

Beltways suck. East is west, north is south, slam on the brakes, downshift, floor it, flip the bird, shift lanes, joust and jostle your way around the whole damn city before finding your way out of the maze. No cheese was offered as reward, but I still beat everybody home.

The week at the beach was very relaxing, almost boring. If you don’t party, there’s not much else to do- I tried sitting listening to music, but as a musician, I’m jaded. I then tried "Seacrets" which as bars go, is pretty amazing, but you can only watch punks and divas for so long before you realize how out of place you are. Put me in a bar, I’m lost unless I’m on stage..

So what did I do?

What else?

I sat on the boardwalk and watched the endless parade of hotties go by. Roughly 4000 little girlies in swimsuits and minskirts crammed into a 5 mile stretch of beach town. All half my age, and completely uninteresting in any other sense but the visual.

But the visual?

Oh. My. God.

*sigh* Youth is wasted on the young.

why did it take you till now to figure that out? age come wisdom I hear.
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