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Sunday, June 12, 2005
I'm able to post from the shore, as you can plainly see...

Got in late last night, listened to my Mother tell me waaaayy too much about my little sister, who is sweet, but quite the little diva princess. It's not that I don't care about her, or what she's doing, but if my Mother- Bless her heart- starts talking about her, dig in and get comfortable. You will hear every subtle nuance, detail and whatnot about her life.

Took off on my own for about four hours today, walked the boardwalk, and spent a good two hours just sitting, and watching the parade of humanity.

Let's see... The beach report as viewed by Rob
Kids have a lot of tattoos these days. The popular one with the girlies is the tribal across the small of the back, whereas the guys get the usual armband/shoulder tat. Hollister seems to be the "in thing" in clothing, and beads have managed to migrate from Mardi Gras to the boardwalk. Lots of talk about parties, hooking up, and meaningless chatter- Unless, of course- You're an 18 kid fresh out of High School.

Whoo, I feel old sitting there.
39 isn't ancient, but these kids could easily be mine. (by numerical stats only...)

I feel like I'm invisible here, which is kinda nice. Noone pays attention to the guy on the bench, benignly eyeing the crowd. I also feel very angry, bitter and jaded at times, but this will serve to keep me from chasing random skirts in a misplaced effort to get over/past/thru/around the logic blender in my head.

It's wierd, though. People seem to notice me when only I'm feeling that way. or maybe it's just that I could care less who thinks what.
I'm almost wishing for some hardass to start something, some dumbass who sees too little too late. I played for 15 years on the road in some really rough places- I have always gotten out unscathed, probably because of my size.

Hell- I could be five foot nothing and you people would never know, until someone who knows me reads this- but being six-four has it's advantages.

I still like the beach, though. Salt air and Ocean Sounds make for great nightime lullabies.

6'4" is huge big guy.
I can say 5'(nothing)3" isn't all that bad.
Good to know I do not have to wait to read your words. I hate waiting.
As for Mom she prolly misses ya so much she wants to get "connected" we woman are that way. down point huh?
Glad you're enjoying the beach! Stay away from the high school girls! Better than the jaded raisins, but...

Oh, and go to a meeting! Some neat ones down there, check the phone book.
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