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Wednesday, June 29, 2005
Late night post.
Empty screen- Hmmm..

Looks like another stream of consciousness kinda post. Roughly the equivalent of "Here I sit broken hearted.."

I hope my template has miraculously fixed itself, because I don't have the energy to pore through the code to fix it right now. I have been holed up in the house, and due to a schedule snafu- I don't have to play tonite, which left me watching TV and happily scratching my ass most of the night.

It's kinda nice to be a hermit. I downloaded a bunch of Allison Krauss for ye olde iPod, since I absolutely adore the sound of her voice. I shall start stalking her soon.

She loves me- She just doesn't know it yet... Maybe a few dead pets on her doorstep as a token of my affection will woo her.

I burned them to CD to listen to as I fall asleep since as of late my brain has decided that 11:30 is the perfect time to churn relentlessly and pore over every conceivable scenario, real or imagined.
Boy, does that piss me off. The madder I get at myself, the harder it is to get to sleep. It makes you want to get a ball peen hammer and bonk yourself on the noggin. Manual reboot.

Okay- I'm off to toss and turn.

I love Allison Krauss. I think she has a unique voice. I have a few of her CD's. dead pets?.....there may be a problem there..lmao. Your sick and twisted view of love could cause Allison to call the hounds out on you. Though I have to tell you she called me last night and said if she was to have a sexual encounter right now it would be me....nananana
She even promised to sing to me.....Ya know I just have it like that.
You suck.

I can take pictures of the affair if you like.. Just for memory's sake.

I'm here to help.
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