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Tuesday, June 28, 2005
Mental Flotsam
The week from hell is over, but I am about to embark upon a new adventure in self-flagellation.

I’m on call this week and over the holiday weekend- It’s a damn good thing I have no life.

I have to figure out how to juggle being on call while playing this weekend.
I mean- It’s not like I can just set my bass down and scurry off to fix someone’s solitaire.

This weekend’s festivities include a two night gig at the ex’s favorite dive bar, followed by a four day stand the following week at the local Holiday Inn where she works four nights a week.. Hoo boy, there’s nothing like watching your drunken ex try to play games with your mind while you’re trying to be the happyhappy rockstar. I have seriously considered bailing out of the music scene, but I need the extra cash- As soon as my bills are paid off, I’m done for a while, I think.

I am getting burned out.

You just know she will be pretending as well. She will pretend your not getting to her as well.
It is life,you will get through this.
Oh, without a doubt..

I will get thru it just fine, but it I'd rather be somewhere else and not have to deal with her at all.
If I never saw her again, I'd be okay with that. The mental turmoil is a pain in the ass, and usually hits the next day. I can do without the needless drama.
aahhhh Drama...what a beautiful word...NOT!
I am so tired of Drama. Glad I have most of it out of my life. Can't say all of it is gone due to the fact that I have other indivduals in my family who thrive on it. But for the most part it is gone and I like it that way.
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