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Saturday, June 11, 2005
Pre vacation observations.
Leaving for the shore at 10 pm to avoid the traffic..

It'll take about three hours to get there, but it's a nice feeling once you roll across the bridge, and all your dirty little struggles seem to blow away with the air coming off the Atlantic.

This is not to say that I won't spend waaay too much time in my head, but there's plenty to do, places to go, people to watch.

I love to sit on the boardwalk, eyeing the people as they pass, doing little mental calculations in my head. What do they do for a living, are they happily married, that kid needs ritalin, she's pretty, she's waaay underdressed for her build, and he's stoned out of his gourd.

It's senior week at the shore, which means the only real downside is going to be fighting little packs and gaggles of teeny-boppers strolling up and down the boardwalk, trying to see and be seen. Like little insecure geese, the girls huddle together, giggling, whispering, eyeing the "hawt" guys, little tenative glances down at their cleavage, a subtle tug on the swimsuit, hoping all the right pieces are in place like wares on display- Self-esteem is at stake, their standing in the pack/herd.

The boys huddle together, but looser- Space between them, yet close enough to give them a sense of security while they walk their awkward teenage bodies- All arms, legs, joints and skinny fuzzy calves sticking out of immensely baggy shorts. You can tell who is better at the game. They have a sense of belonging, sure of their place, knowing what they want. It happens to be prominently displayed wrapped in tight little swimsuits. Quite a little display of darwinism.

I love watching mothers- Some women have great instincts for rasing children. Others- They have to work at it. The beach really seems to highlight the differences, or rather-the boardwalk does. By the time the kids get to the boardwalk, they're tired. Beat from a day of chasing waves, each other and digging sand holes.
Kids these days seem to have lost the finer arts of sandcastles. They dig sand holes instead... Which is okay- I love to watch the looks of determination on their little faces, certain that China lies directly beneath them. They seem to wonder why no-one has ever had enough ambition to dig and find it. So, the intrepid little diggers/explorers set off on a mission to tunnel down and speak some chinese, make friends and be home for supper.

The mothers herd their broods down the boardwalk, their swimsuits cut in such a way as to accentuates anything but the damage wreaked upon their bodies by childbirth. The hips are cut high, which gives them what I call "bumble-bee butt". Looks great from the front, or at least passable- But the view from the back is somewhat less than flattering at times.
Some women actually look really good after having had children - Not in a skinny, hollywood toned and shaped hot way, but in a round, appealing softness that implies sturdiness and dependability.

I'm more inclined to curvy women. I like the solid springiness that some women seem to have- Hips, small waist curving in, a little belly fat, solid muscle underneath giving it a solidity, yet softness.

I will no doubt see a lot of appealing shapes. I will no doubt see alot of interesting people.
I plan on doing a whole lot of nothing, play with my nephew and read a lot.
I'm off- If I have access to the intarweb thingie, I'll post.

If not- Leave something amusing in the comments.

Nothing amusing comes to mind. But it's good to see you having fun, buddy.

Enjoy yourself and don't do anything I wouldn't do -- which pretty much gives you carte blanche, come to think of it.
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