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Friday, June 24, 2005
Quickie insta-post.
It's June 24- which according to some scientist somewhere- Today is the happiest day of the year, according to some statistic that he's managed to pull out of his.. Database.

Soooo.. I'm happy. Dammit.

I bought a squishy stress yo-yo thingie at HersheyPark which I promptly managed to pull apart. (I used to do this to all my Christmas toys too.. Apparently, I'm still a two year old, since I still giggle when someone says "uranus".) I'm now completely enamored with the four-colored flashing LED thingie inside it. If I cup it in my palm and hold it up to my eyes, I've got an instant rave goin' on. Woo.

I also use it as in "Idiot Alert" to notify those around me that I'm on the phone with a mentally challenged dimwit. I can also turn it on when my boss walks in. He asked what it meant. I told him it was a hypnotic device, and I will use it control his mind. I then began waving my fingers while saying "wooooo... Give Rob a raise" but it only made him shake his head and leave.

Mission accomplished.

You are silly. I do hope that was the truth and not some far fetched dream you had...It is funny. I want it to be true.. You did do that to your boss right?
Nope.. True.

Mostly they chuckle at the Tall, Dark and Dorky tech.

I have been known to say some really inapropriate things, but the most I've gotten is a slap on the wrist.
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