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Wednesday, June 15, 2005
Sandcastles and Sunburn
I have sunburn...

I managed this in spite of sunblock that would keep a vampire alive at high noon.
I wasn't sitting there, baking like a turkey either- I was teaching my nephew the finer points of castle building. He and I didn't quite see eye to eye on a few things, since he's partial to moats. He likes deep ones, with smaller ones surrounding it like miniature water hazards. The castle itself is purely secondary..

I like my castles big, imposing and walled in, heavily fortified with guard towers with interlocking fire, open killing grounds andarcherytowersandcatapults .... You can see where our paths separated. So, I let him dig the moats, while I built fortress Rob.
It looked like a S&M golf resort- moats and waster hazards everywhere, walls and towers, and a huge central hall.

Unfortunately, the sea came. We were thinking siege, but they attacked in waves.

The moats were the first to go.. Then the walls, my nice little guard towers falling one by one. The main hall withstood the onslaught for a good ten minutes, looking like a medieval ruin by the end. Most of it had caved in on itself, leaving a jagged, mountain-like shape standing by itself, all alone on the moor.

Spent more time on the boardwalk..The girls that are graduating High School do NOT look like the ones I graduated with. Good lord, these boys are lucky. Some look girlie and young-ish while others had me contemplating throwing a fishermans net over the boardwalk, gathering about twenty of them into a pile and diving in headfirst into the little ocean of hotties.

I knew it was time to go back to the condo at that point...

Lovely imagery. Nicely written. Enjoyed every bit.

Too bad the sandcastle didn't last long enough to take a photograph.
I can just hear your mom telling you the propper way of using sunscreen.
Yes it is to bad you didn't get a pic, would liked to have seen that.
20 of them,huh? Can you handle 20 at once?
I am non digital this week, so no pics.. I may scan a few when I get back.

20? I would die trying.
*sigh* What a way to go...
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