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Sunday, July 31, 2005
Considering that I am a professional geek, I am somewhat dismayed to discover that a newly purchased wireless keyboard causes a hardware conflict somewhere, and I'm too disgusted to pursue it any further.

I dick around with this stuff for 8 hours a day, so the last thing I want to do on my weekends is boot/reboot endlessly here in my house.

This was all part of my "go out and buy stuff" fit I had today.
You see, up until now I had a crappy keyboard that had the props broken off and a really cheapo office chair that I bought two years ago for like ten dollars. It's hard to type and be creative sitting on the equivalent of a crate. That had to be the least ergonomic piece of furniture ever designed. It was supposed to be a "student chair" and if so, that would explain the dropout rate in college these days.

Sooo.. Here I sit, kicked back in a leather chair that reclines alittle, with my keyboard firmly esconced in my lap, albeit with a cord tangled around my feet. The Mouse is nifty though.

We payed a gig at Bass Pro Shops today outdoors in the heat- Our guitarist made the wry observation that "You couldn't swing a dead cat without hitting a redneck". That place is like nirvana for hunter/fishie/outdoorsy types.

This post is really going nowhere fast, isn't it?

I asked a woman out while I was tearing down- She was drop-dead gorgeous and totally out of my league, which is why I don't mind getting shot down in flames. I will ask again, and she'll probably say no, and I'll keep asking up to the point where it gets creepy. I am a very patient man.
It really has nothing to do with me being enamored or star-struck.. It's more like a challenge at this point. A pretty harmless one, provided I remember that it's all in fun, and has to remain so.

I look at it this way- I'm not hurting myself any by being single. The worst I'll get is carpal tunnel.

The worst I'll get is carpal tunnel......(giggle giggle)...the pains of being single.

Oh ho, (laughing) SO funny you say that. Thats been my line for a few yrs.
Hope your nice and comphy now so you don't get carpal tunnel from typing. (huge laughs)
Well, about the woman and continuing to ask her out. As a friend of mine says: "There's a fine line between courting and stalking; I had a judge in Texas explain it to me once." Best of luck!
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