Trolling For Tinfoil
Tuesday, July 26, 2005
I'm not really feeling spunky today. Sleepy doesn't quite cover it, but I've already had too much coffee as it is. It's 90 plus degrees out, and I'm running from building to building- The concrete reflects all the sun and humidity back up at you.
In my mind, it's like scurrying across aluminum foil to make it to an oasis of AC.

For the first time, I'm glad my office is in the sub-basement, 40 feet below street level. If we get nuked, expect to hear from me shortly thereafter.

actually seeing aluminum foil in a post seems
With the heat as it is I feel like Sleepy Grumpy Dopey and Doc. Getting to the ac in my car felt wonderful.

Hope you sleep better tonight.
Thanks! Me too.

I think I've used "Tinfoil" a lot everywhere else, and actually had quite the mental debate over wether or not to use it.

*sigh* I need a life.
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