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Wednesday, July 13, 2005
Everything sounds hot in Italian

I have discovered that everything sounds sexy in Italian. Furthermore, thanks to the wonderful tool known as Babelfish, it sounds hot even if you’re talking about something as inane as driving.


Exhibit A: “I will drive in slow, deliberate circles until we are lost and too tired to continue."

English to Italian comes out like this: Guiderò nei cerchi lenti e intenzionali fino a perderli noi e troppo stanco continuerò.
Very sexy, no?

Now- Back to English: I will guide in the circles discs of a valve and intentional until losing them we and too much tired I will continue..

That's a little confusing, but you'd be hard pressed to guess I was talking about driving.

Now, here’s where it gets fun-

Send somebody something really suggestive translated into Italian, make them translate it back.

Like this: Desidero baciarlo lentamente ed appassionato, undress voi e faccio l'amore voi.

I'm blushing...

translation is a failure cuse I actually thought you wrote here

...desired buttocks lamanating education is passionate, undress me yes faster more of me.
No, not really..
The fun part is guessing wether or not I'm being really overt, or is it implied?
Oh.. And how'd you get that? That's not what I got...
Oh's always implied.
But here..lets see was it the actual words....(thinking, drumming fingers)....No, your just hinting at a night of buttocks lamanation.Not actually saying it, so yes your impling it.

Am I right?
(What was it you got?)
Well, I damn sure ain't gonna be laminating anyone's buttocks..
Sounds like bad prison porn.
Mom, did you use the Babelfish translator Rob put in his post? I got something completely different.
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