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Tuesday, July 12, 2005
Expressing my outrage... Patriotic, Aren't I?

It’s been a while since I’ve pulled my head out long enough to look around the blogosphere, and having done so- I see nothing has changed. There were some snotty discussions on Fark, where the twenty-something basement dwellers come out to play, and it seems that they have something new against those yellow ribbons. They claim it’s “mindless jingoism”.

Jingoism? Kiss my ass.

Okay, kids.. I’ll spell it out for you.

If I want to put a yellow ribbon on my car, it’s because I want the soldiers to know that people here support their sacrifice, sympathize with their families and honor their loved ones who have died doing what soldiers do. This isn’t “mindless jingoism”. You’re just pissed that you can’t get any traction.

Let me put it to you in terms you can understand, dude…

We’re “adding our voice”. We’re “expressing our views”. “Showing solidarity” for those who are underappreciated.
We’re doing it without shiny, pretty rock stars, nifty signs, marches, and a screeching sense of outrage. We don’t feel the need to be hipper than thou, clever, sarcastic, too jaded for our own good.

We do it because we want the soldiers to know that this time- Some stoned, smartass poli-sci major isn’t going to spit on you or call you a baby killer when you get back.

Iv’e heard terms like “Operation Yellow Elephant”. Because supposedly, mindless jingoism is just empty lip service, and better than doing actually something.
So, if by that logic, I am supposed to shut up if I don’t join the military? Bullshit.
I’m doing the same thing you are- Why is your “dissent” so much more patriotic than my “expression of support”?

When you understand that you have no more right to the truth than I do, no more freedoms, and certainly no less- You cannot ridicule, shout down or silence me because you know that this time- You might lose.
In spite of all your very amusing little echo chambers that you’ve created for yourselves aren’t reaching much beyond your permanently outraged and entitled base.

You Rob are very clever. I enjoy this. Your take on this topic is very "head on". kuddos.
I must be getting cranky in my old age..

I wonder if I'll like being a curmudgeon?
Good for you. Well said and worth saying. I enjoyed that very much.
Loved this post, well said. As for being a curmudgeon...well it's actually great fun.
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