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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

I’ve started out the last two posts with “I’m not really feeling..” so, in a fit of creativity I decided not to start this one out by “telling you how I’m feeling”. (Right now, I’m feeling full. The Foreman Grill is a bachelor’s best friend, bar none. Well, that and internet boobies.)

So much for creativity.

Lately, I haven’t even wanted to get drawn into any flamewars on Fark. It’s tiring arguing with someone who has passion, but no perspective on life. If your epic struggles in life add up to getting student loans and scoring a dime bag, come back and talk to me when you’ve actually done something in life. Parroting your English professor doesn’t count.

Fark discussions are where most of my outrage towards the left comes from anyway. I didn’t watch or listen to any of Live8- could care less, really. Multi-millionaires singing about poverty and injustice to a horde of infatuated dreamers is a little too ironic, if you ask me. They’ve stopped fondling themselves over the thought of indicting Karl Rove, so they’re back to calling Bush a chimp, and everything in Iraq is a quagmire.


Is it tiring arguing with someone who has passion, but with perspective on life??

Oh you made me say passion.....(wagging finger)

I agree with you here though, I didn't pay any attention to live8 either. Look at Jane Fonda. How long do you think it will be before she gets a new acting role in some stupid movie? She is doing this new stunt for publicity is all. Women like her irritate me and make me not want to be so nice.
Nope- I can argue with someone like that allll day. They have the ability to agree to disagree.

Jane isn't young pretty and talented anymore. I doubt she'll get much traction since most people thought what she did to the vietnam era vets was despicable. The rabid left will dance merrily along behind like Mice to the pied piper but the real world probably won't care. Until the media has a slow news day and do a special expose' on her. Then it's all over.
I hope your right here. about "HER"

I love to agree to disagree.....if you can't see eye to eye that is. Prefer to be adult and discuss things not argue all the time. Though the make up can be
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