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Wednesday, July 27, 2005
Of music and blogging.

Violent Femmes…

Lemme go OOOUUUT like a blister in the Su-Un..

I love to revisit the 80’s from time to time.

That really has no bearing on anything except me playing a little music while I blog.

Tainted Lo-Oove … Don’t TOUUCH me PLEEZE, I cannot stand the way you..TEEZE

I’d be doing the “Carlton Dance” from “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” if I wasn’t typing. (Okay- pecking and backspacing a lot would be a more accurate description.)

The heat finally broke, with the promised cold front shepherding in a flock of pastel clouds just in time for sunset.

All I could think of (besides “wow”) was- Very “Velvet Elvis”.

In my warped little mind, the only thing missing was the ghost ship across the moon and the King taking a dump on the throne, backstopped by vague images of wolves howling at some forlorn memory of the biker who cut a few lines, chased it with a fifth of Jack, and rode off in the dark never to be seen again.

Not to poke fun of Mother Nature- who does marvelous work in my opinion- but rather, those cheesy tee-shirts seen at NASCAR races and roadside stands.

When I was a kid, the roadside stands would sell these paintings done on black velvet that were- to say the least- abhorrent to the eye, unless you had just done a lot of acid. At that point, I’m sure that and a blacklight kept you inside for a week.

Mostly, all I really remember about the seventies was the onset of puberty, avocado green shag carpet and burnt orange appliances. As a result, the very sight of shag carpet produces a spontaneous erection, and I begin to fear that I’ll be called up to the blackboard to my everlasting chagrin, while the girl with the Dorothy Hamil haircut points and laughs.

I spent my formative years in the Florida Panhandle.. There are MUCH worse places to go through puberty. No wonder they couldn’t get me to stay away from the beach.

Can't forget the 80's. Well maybe when I'm

I never had a Dorthy Hamil haircut.

Last time I recall you still don't stay away from the beach, and your still looking at the young least for your vacations)
Looking is fun.
Listening is not.
have you been out LOOKING?
Not really. I kinda shut my radar off for a while. Being single isn't hurting me any right now.
Which probably means I'll get horny and desperate- And do something stupid soon.
Oh Rob, your to funny.
I hope you keep that stupidity to a low level.
I really thought you might have the answer to The Good Neighbor question..not to worry. I shall figure it out.
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