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Tuesday, July 19, 2005
Posting for posting's sake.
Hiya Kids..

It's Monday evening, the AC is cranked and I am home, peacefull in my little sanctuary.
I Just got thru with a quick fill-in gig in 90 degree heat and suffocating humidity, trying desperately to look suave as I peer myopically at charts, sweating in all sorts of unnatural places.

I no likey the charts.
I like to follow the changes by ear, instead of keeping my head in the measure by measure structure that charts create. It tends to suck the life out of the music, making it sound forced and without feeling.
Eh. We got paid and managed to sound like we knew one end of the instrument from the other.

In other news, Mom has dropped off the planet, or at least her blog has.. I think I know why, but I'll let her 'splain if she feels like it.

The political scene has been pretty amusing as of late- I swear, the left was furiously masturbating over the thought of Karl "The Anti-Christ" Rove getting Fired/Indicted/ burned at the stake.
Just when things almost reached... Well- You know- Alas, it was not to be.. Rovus Interruptus.
They are reeeeeeally frustrated now.
This makes me happy. Delerious, even.

I shall still visit you. I enjoy our visits. Yes the blog is gone. It became an issue lets say. I will be open again and soon. I will let you know when and where. ~MOM
this is the first.aka~MOM
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