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Sunday, July 10, 2005
Sunday AAR

It’s been a hectic few days..

Londoners, for all their politeness, are a hard-boiled lot. When it’s all said and done, I think the jihadists will be very sorry they chose London. It’s been through a hell of a lot more than that, and withstood it with amazing resilience. Just wait until their military gets pissed- Those boys do not fu** around.. I don’t even want to know what the left is saying, probably because I’m pretty sure what the current tune is. Screw ‘em.

I just got finished playing the local Holiday Inn for four days, but fortunately the ex made only a token “look at me, I’m going out” appearance. We played well, the crowds were good, so all’s well.

I actually went on a sorta-date today. I asked a friend from work to see the local Titanic Exhibit. The exhibit? It was OK. Not bad, not too morbid, but after 9-11, the tragedy is a little diminished.

We had a good time, I dropped her off with little fanfare, and drove away. It wasn’t really supposed to be a date anyway- I wanted someone reasonable intelligent to do things with, and she’s very bright and normal. These are good qualities, and I’m horribly out of practice when it comes to dates as it is- So.. Success.

I agree with your thoughts on the lefties. Do not care to even watch it play out. Ahhhh jihadists, lets not get me started there....Do you supose there could be a human born with no soul?

What is with this word DATE? I do not understand the meaning of it.
Date.. A pointless and expensive exercise, an archaic mating ritual designed to see how well a potential suitor reacts under stress.

At best, you get to see what a bullsh**er the other can be.
Very good Rob,thats fair.
I would rather go play at the park with my son running and screaming then get all dressed up to feel uncomfortable. Not to mention worring if I say the right thing at the right time. Stuff in the teeth, hair in place....all fake stuff.( besides I am inbetween hair styles right
Expecially if you start a relationship with that person, your just gonna forget to be the perfect picture you tried to create on that first date.
All fake...I just like being me.
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