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Sunday, July 03, 2005
Sunday boredom.
Well, I slept waaaay too long today- I went to bed about 4:30am and slept until almost 3 in the afternoon. Getting back on a work schedule is going to suck.

The gig was relatively free of drama. The ex showed up, but our guitarist cornered her and asked her why she felt a need to subject us both to needless drama. She had no real answer, and left shortly thereafter. Yay.

The bar we played used to be the local dive. By that, I mean dive of legendary proportions. Concrete floors, fights every night, nasty toothless drunks and such clinging to the bar for dear life, too drunk to stand.

The Pagans hang there, a leftover from the good old days. Usually they stay to themselves, but they go from normal to vicious pretty quick if you push the right buttons. They're mostly in their 50's by now, in poor health from years of living on nothing but coke, speed, Jack Daniels and bad food. As a consequence, they won't stand and slug it out- They wait for you in the parking lot and go straight to blunt, heavy objects. Usually this happens if someone wears the wrong "colors" and they have a standing feud with said wearers of colors.

I had one of them, probably in his middle 50's- All of 120 lbs, bony, scraggly beard, hard lined face and a hoarse cackly voice tell me "Boy, they saw you coming", implying that my tee shirt- Which says "Chick Magnet" and sports a picture of a skinny ten year old doing the muscleman pose- Was somehow a scam, sold to me as a joke on the unsuspecting. He then had to repeat it three times to everyone, just in case they didn't get it the first time, all the while, cackling a phlegmy smokers laugh. I think everyone else thought it as ironic as I did. I offered to give it to him, if he wanted to be really funny.
He didn't get it.

I didn't have the patience to explain the concept of sarcasm and irony.

WOW, I am glad your a male. I wouldn't want to go to a bar like that. Heck when I walk into the bar I go to I hear "MOM!!!"
Small towns sure are good for something.
Sarcasm is a dying art. Irony has been in a box and at peace for quite sometime now.

I have usually found that "blunt" works better.

This is not to suggest that you get blunt at a seedy bar. Sometimes irony works better there, even if they don't get it.
I was pushing it as it was..

But I do love to be sarcastic.
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