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Sunday, July 24, 2005
Sunday confessions.
I'm not really feeling too "blogesque" or "bloggy" or "bloggerific" today for whatever reason. Maybe it's because I'm feeling guilty.
You see, I've been cheating on my Little Troll.

I was pursued.
I mean, it's not like I wanted to. The band website sucked (and still does) but noone else in the band has the time or the technical ability to do more than add silly random animated .gif's. I didn't really put my heart into it, and it's just a crappy geocities website.
I coudn't have the world's most mediocre band advertising itself with eye-bleed-inducing graphics and hopelessy pathetic text, could I? I mean the guy who built it left it unattended.

I didn't enjoy, it, but it had to be done.
It's still a piece of crap. I still need to go back and change the main picture, (It's waaaayy outdated) and the bios are of people who aren't in the band anymore. I mean- How can I leave it like that?


I promise to do better. After I get updated bios from everyone.

Whats this about Aug 26th?
That was nice Rob.
Now who isn't in the band anymore?
What do you mean by way outdated? What year was that?
Who is that child trying to impress, drinking out of the dogs bowl? Or was that how his parents treated him? How come everyone else has an adult pic besides this poor child?
Yes do update them bios, how out dated are they? Is Amanda still Due? (let me see thinking thinking thinking...hhmmm....nope can't think of any more)
Now I need answers. Answers buddy.....Answer me buddy!!!
Wow... Lotsa questions.

1) Amanda is due later next month.
2) The front page pic is waaaayy outta date. Ronie Jr is the only one left from that pic.
3) Ron Sr left. (Retired..)
I have to get a better Pic of me. I pulled that one off the web.
Love to ask questions how else am I to know?.....Tell Amanda good luck.
Is this her first?
(see another question)
Yep, it's her first.

She's hot and huge.

And cranky. Ron Jr. (her husband and our guitarist) has the perpetual "deer in the headlights" look around her.
You don't tell her she is hot and huge do you?
Congrats to Ron jr and Amanda, as I am ever the Mom let me kow how things go..please!!!!
I didn't mean "hot" as in "Cute".

It's 95 friggin' degrees here.

I'll keep ya posted.
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