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Tuesday, August 16, 2005
And so it goes..
Well, I have to admit...

The whole speed at which things progressed during the lunch date really rattled my cage. She has since called to apologize (twice) but fortunately I had my cell off. I will call her tonite and put the brakes on it a little. Maybe a lot. I really don’t want to go that fast with anyone, let alone her. To be honest, I think I am something she wants- Not necessarily me, as who I am. I think she’s used to making relationships out of what happened Saturday. Nope. Not my style anymore. I won’t try to make something out of this with the speed and ease of buying a scratch off lottery ticket.

In other news, the one I’ve been trying to meet face to face is progressing nicely. We do one big email a day, covering all kinds of topics. Slow is good. I like slow.

Slow, yes it has its advantages.
It sounds to me,just going by what you say, the one your intrested in likes it slow as well.
Enjoy your time "exploring".
Have fun.
Progress is good, whether slow or fast. Hope your cell number is not part of your profile. Too many wackos out there in the dating world. But you know that, don't you!
Oh hell no.. I give that out rarely. I think after this, it'll be more scarce.
You are quite different, my friend. Different is good. It is a little sad that not everybody understands it.

What is sadder is that sometimes the person who doesn't understand it is the one that you most desperately want to have understand. C'est la vie.

Wish you the best, as always, with the quest.
Slow is better, that is if you are looking for a long term gig. But what do I know about dating? I married my high school sweet heart. Good luck!
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