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Sunday, August 21, 2005
Gossip, rumors and propaganda
Howdy all..

We'll get right to the juicy gossip.

I finally coaxed her down to come along to a private party we played yesterday. This- in and of itself- took some courage on her part, since I would be stuck on stage most of the time, and she would know noone. After some intense negotioations, I closed the deal, she came down from an hour away. I found a suitable babysitter, introduced them, since he is both a gentleman, and has just enough dirt on me to keep her entertained.

That worked rather well, as he kept plying her with Captain and Cokes to keep her chatty, but not too much where she became the life of an already lively party. Gotta love a good wingman.

She didn't look exactly like her pictures, since she is a photographer and knows how to work all the tools- But, she wasn't so far away from that that I wanted to run. I have now learned that pics are pretty useless for forming an impression of someone.

We played, got packed up, dodging errant fireworks being set off by some very drunk people, but managed to escape unsinged. Let's see.. After that?

It's late by this point, she knows that driving an hour is not smart, but doesn't want to stay here - Not because I'm some hornbag, but more towards the "uncomfortable imposing on me" side.
I've never had to talk a woman INTO pajamas before, but I loaned her some suitably comfortable shorts, a big tee shirt and tucked her in on the couch.
I went to bed.

She snuck out about six AM, unable to sleep in a starnge environment- But I had no idea, since I was sleeping like a dead man.

To be continued..

Sounds like a great night Rob. I think you had fun, right? Sheesh!
Sounds like a good start here. Fireworks, Yikes. I have seen drunk people with fireworks before not something I would want to experience again. (No that drunk person was not me.)
Seems you didn't have much trouble getting her to agree to meet you. Way to go, Rob! Hope all goes well for the two of you.
Sounds really nice and sounds like you're taking it nice and slow, just like you wanted to.
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