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Thursday, August 04, 2005
The latest adventures..

It's been a few days,..

I've been busy updating my profile, E-stalking potential dates, and trying to find a picture of me that doesn't make me look as if I have gas. At best, I have that look your dog gets when you leave him behind as you go out the door.

So far, I've received a few interesting offers, namely from a matronly sort claiming to be 41, but if I were a betting man, I'd lay heavy odds on just shy of 55. I get the distinct impression she wants a cabana boy, preferably one with very poor eyesight and no depth perception.

*sigh* bummer. Too bad I have a day job.

I went to a phillies game last night with one of the more interesting responses, totally last minute with one of the people I met online. Considering we got a late start, got lost en route to collect the tickets and only caught the last 3 innings, it wasn't bad. It could have been sooo much worse, and believe me, I thought twice about spending two and a half hours in a car with someone I barely knew.
It went well, we had fun, but I refuse to go any further than this. We IM'ed for a little bit prior, and she's very nice- Lovely, in fact, but not in any way that makes me exitable. She's your typical big-boned greek girl, but you can't hold genetics against someone.

Al I know is - No more barflies. I don't care if she has one eye in the middle of her head, I'm not dating anymore cocktail waitresses.
I hope.

You keep plugging through you will meet someone special I am sure. But I have to talk to her OK? Have to make sure she is good enough for ya. never know!
K- I'll make sure I run her through the proper channels for approval.

Anon.. You're right- You never know. It's interesting so far.
I have a question.

Do you have a list of must-haves that you are looking for in a date? You know, in order to take it "further."

For example, a sample list that someone may draw up might look like:

(1) Nice-looking.
(2) Big you-know-whats. Real big.
(3) Republican.
(4) God-fearing.
(5) Smart enough to know which side of a Coke bottle is up.

So I am wondering if your list is long or short. Because the shorter the list, the wider the field.

To give you a ferinstance, my wife is an avowed theist; I am an atheist or agnostic depending on time of day and the relative humidity in the atmosphere. But this difference is not something that has ever tripped up our relationship. If I had confined my search for a soulmate to just atheists, I dare say that I would have missed out on a terrific woman.

Does that make sense?
Lest I be misunderstood, let me disclaim:

I am not asking you to lower your standards. If your list is too short, you run the risk of getting stuck with a dog.

I am wondering if there is any scope for refinement or makeable compromises in your own personal list.

P.S. I don't know why I take this bloody analytical approach to everything, though. Must be a congenital defect.

For all I know, you will immediately and instinctively know when you meet that someone special without bothering with lists and stuff.


Rob, my reasons for saying You Never Know -
1. Before the net, blind dates were all we had to serve the purpose (tells ya just how old I am). Best men I dated were met thru blind dates, and each asked me to marry. First man was terrific but I decided I was too young - me 18, him 25. I married the 2nd, and we had 29 wonderful years of marriage till the day he died.

2. My nephew married a young lady from Russia. They met on the net. She's a wonderful person and they're a wonderful, happy couple.

See, you NEVER KNOW!
Sougata, analytical and dry as that nay be, it still cracks me up.

My "list"?
1) Low maintenance.
2) Smart enough to speak the king's english without saying "ain't" or "fuc*", yet dumb enough to date me.
3) Big, little, skinny, curvy- I'm open, if she has enough personality. She can be bigger, provided she has a waist.

To be honest, and heeding Anon's advice- I'm open. It's waaay early in the game and the game itself is interesting.
Rob, you show so many different sides of yourself in your postings. How would someone know which is real? The booby obsessed player or the wanting to find an honest and loving relationship type of man? I would love to hear a deeper explanation of who you are.
Well, Let's see. I can be all of those things at any given time. Boobie obsessed? Of course- Really it was designed to get a reaction out of a somewhat reserved friend.
I thought you liked the other end of women. Am I wrong?
Nope- But the thing about women is.. They look so damn good from just about every angle. But, yes- It's all about the booty.
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