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Monday, August 08, 2005
Of boredom at work, kink, gadgets and gizmos
I'm at work, and I'm bored. Who'da thunkit? It alternates between dull, mundane maintenance to all hell "holy-shit-what-was-that!" mayhem breaking loose. Right now, it's dead.

I was scanning RP's blog comments for neat blogs (His comments window is a goldmine of good blogs, BTW..) and I ran across this and this.. Now, don't get me wrong, I surely don't think RP is a clearing house for kink, because his blog is as well-mannered as they come. However, here and there, you find the private thoughts like the above linked blogs.

I never knew.. Okay, scratch that. I DID know that women have a very erotic side to them, but it's like cracking a safe. You don't get the combination handed to you, and some you never really crack at all. Others just give you a peek before slamming the door shut and changing the combo. And, like anything else, the longer you're at it the better you get at cracking said safes. Now, I'm not talking about just doing the "deed" here, I'm talking about getting inside the secret garden- The high holy place where all the naughty little creatures come out to play. The dark side. The places she wishes you'd find, but is a little ashamed of, yet at the same time pushes every button she has. That's cracking the safe.

I think blogging with its "Public Anonymity" had given rise to a whole new breed of erotica. "Sex in the City" for errant housewives and mousy secretaries. For all we know, they could be butt-ugly, doing the nasty with a man known simply as "B" who, in real life- Happens to be the trash collector with a beer gut, dirty wife beater and a four-day beard. Maybe not.. I have my suspicions, though.

In other most-definitely-NOT-erotica-related news.. I bought me a spiffy new Didgeetail Camery (That's "Digital Camera" for you not fluent in RedNeckinese). I shall soon be posting pictures of myself (fully clothed) wallowing in gadget ecstasy. (Why do guys send women pictures of their "Junk", anyway?)

Hi there...

Three things:

1. You're right. Blogging is a "safe haven" for many who may have been ashamed at what they were feeling or thinking or wanting. Many online channels provide folks with an outlet. Blogging and chat rooms among the most common.

2. Once you crack the safe, you're golden. You, too, can have that perfect combination of lady and well, ummm ... choose your label.

3. Guys send us photos cause we want them. Helps unlock the garden ...
Hey, Rob, I am totally fortunate to have a very erudite and smart bunch of people commenting at my blog. Present company included, by the way.
Yes, RP- You have, without a doubt- The best collection of "commenters" I have seen, bar none. I guess quality attracts like minded people.

Thank you for the kind words sir- From you, that is indeed high praise.
Thanks, Rob! I quoted you on my blog today since I hit my 3000th comment since moving to MuNu.
Why don't we post pictures of ourselves with all of our gadgets.. bet you don't have as many as I do :)

BTW, I am new to blogoland and have just recently started reading your posts with some regularity.. (thanks to the link from Sougata's blog site). Love the varied topics in your posts.. Keep 'em coming.
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