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Monday, August 01, 2005
Okay, okay.. A real post.
Okay- I got smacked by Sougata, who basically said "no more useless picture posts"

I'm playing hooky today, and I shouldn't have because I feel like I wasted the whole day. It's not like I dislike my job, so other than having a fit of the fuckits, I really should have just sucked it up and gone to work.

Last night, I signed up on because I need to see how the dating thing actually works, as opposed to snagging the impressionable ones from the band scene.
Okay, it's probably not the smartest thing I've ever done, but besides getting stalked by some lunatic whose biological clock is ticking like Big Ben, how bad can it be?
I have the feeling that most of these women want the exact opposite of what they say they want. In ten minutes, I'll have the situation sized up and be forced to whip out my patented "dysfunctional bad boy" routine, after meeting the girl who said all she wanted is "a trustworthy honest man, into cooking, museums and music".
Translation: Looking for tattoed, crack-addled momma's boy with anger issues and no job."
Her pictures, cleverly posed to hide the enormous cardboard box of an ass, say "petite, fun-loving girl" and were taken fifteen years ago before she had two kids and a chocolate habit that masked the depression and low self esteem.

I'll keep you posted. I'm sure much blog fodder will come of it, if nothing else.

Yikes- Bitter, aren't I?

Comments: me know how it goes.
Good luck
Don't be so cynical. You never know ...
Heh.. So far, I've gotten an email from a russian mail-order bride type who has no job, but is looking for someone who makes 50-75,000 dollars a year.
Oh. She lives in california, and has no picture posted.. She "is loving profile" and "is want to know me".

Whee! Here we go...
Anon is right. You never know. Stay loose.
I'm trying, Sougata..

Actually, it's kind of fun. Between you and K, I figure I have a good set of advisors.
The Russian lady is 28, looking for a 45 to 60 year old man. This says "gold digger" to me, but I wish her well, even if she's waaayy off the mark in looking me up.

Off to view the latest.
your Russian mail order bride wants 50-75 a year?...hhhhmmmm
I would settle for
How is it going so far any more prospects?
Did ya miss me? (winking at you)
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