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Tuesday, August 23, 2005
Tag- I'm it
~K done tagged me. Okay, I volunteered- but regardless, here goes...

10 Years Ago~ I was 29. Skinny, fearless and my singing voice was maturing. I was in a great band, running up and down the east coast on a bus, living on ephedrine, chicken breast salads and Jack Daniels, staying up too late with people I hardly knew. I was making a living playing a guitar. I was paying my rent and utilities just by singing and being ogled by little Kelly Bundys in cowboy boots.

5 Years Ago~ Band life was taking its toll. I was surrounded by people who wanted to be seen with me. We were getting major label attention. I was still partying like a 19 year old, but by this time I had decided I was going to try to find someone to settle down with. After a few fits and starts, I thought I had found the one. We all know how that ended.

Yesterday~ I worked. I took a nap. I ate wings. I watched football. It was a good day.

5 snacks I enjoy~
1) I enjoy brownies.
2) I enjoy popcorn.
3) I enjoy tastycake apple pies.
4) I enjoy sunflower seeds.
5) I enjoy cheese.

5 songs I know all the words to.

Yikes.. You’d be amazed at how many I don’t know the words to. On stage even.
1) Whenever You Come Around (Vince Gill)
2) Don’t Dream it’s Over (Crowded House)
3) Cant’ Always Get What You Want (Stones)
4) Just a Closer Walk With Thee
5) Wild One (BR-549)

5 Things I'd do with a million dollars.
1) I would build me a big-ass house. With a big-ass garage. And a big-ass deck. And a big-ass hot tub.
2) I would travel.
3) I would change my phone number.
4) I would buy a Ferrari.
5) I would give some to charity. –Shelters, rehabs, job training, etc.

5 Places I'd run away to.
1) My bed..
2) Australia
3) The Shower.
4) Japan.
5) Jennifer Anniston’s house..

5 Things I'd never wear.
1) A thong. No “marble bags” for this boy.
2) pigtails
3) a dress
4) A speedo
5) Chaps.

5 Favorite TV shows.
1) Reno 911
2) MythBusters
3) Rides
4) ER
5) Whose Line

5 Biggest joys.
1) My Daughter

2) A really fat groove- My bass is so thick it’s moving furniture out in the club.
3) Tight Harmony.
4) A good night’s sleep.
5) Cooking out on the grill.

5 Favorite toys.
1) My guitar
2) My computer
3) My IPod
4) My XM Radio
5) My XBox

So glad you volunteered~
I try to say I am the all American Gal, but I can't. I do not eat or drink anything apple. Apples eeewwwww. Though I can make an mean apple pie. Same with ham, hate ham but I make a great ham dinner.
Love the songs, though I have to admit I have no clue as to the Crowded House song. Will have to go check that out.
What is it with you and
Come On' You couldn't be persuaded to wear a thong?
Who's line is funny. When I remember to watch it.
I like grilling, though I prefer to watch others do it.
aaawwww, XM Radio I want that in my car and through my house. Just as soon as I get my million and get the prefect house for me I
No chaps? I thought assless chaps were your thing?
Veeeeery funny. I'll wear assless chaps when you wear nothing but bunny ears.
Bunny ears? I'm not a big fan. I would look a little out-of-place. I'm not quite suited for bunny ears (are you picturing that???), but you definitely have the personality for assless chaps.
So, the 26th came and went. What ya do Big Guy? Tell me why does the #40 keep poping up in everything I have done the last few days?
Hey Rob... where have you gone??? Used to enjoy your blogs but they are getting more and more sparse. Nothing new in your world?
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