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Friday, August 12, 2005
Thanks for all the nice comments-
I'm trying to find less mundane things to take pics of, and that's proving difficult. I took the picture of the truck- Well.. Because I could. I never really thought of it as a "nice" truck, just friggin' bulletproof and dependable as all hell. It's clean and understated, and will go damn near anywhere, hauls my gear, doesn't mind minor abuse and protests a little at anything over 80 MPH.

In other news, the thingie is progressing nicely. I have a lunch date tomorrow, so we'll see how that goes. The first test is to see if she matches her profile pics. If she does, then .. BOO-ya! God, I hope she has a brain, though. Boobs can be found- to greater or lesser degrees- on every woman on the planet.

The one woman who I have become totally fascinated by finally emailed me two days ago. Her profile caught me in two or three sentences, it was that good, and then.. I saw the pics.. *cue angels singing* If you heard any odd noises, that was my jaw hitting my keyboard. The emails have been intriguing the questions fun, keeping in mind that expectations are a dangerous thing. At the moment, I am trying to lure her into meeting face-to-face, having convinced her (Mwahaha..) that I'm harmless and sane.

Off to find chloroform.

Chloroform. Yikes. Few issues there, none of them involve you
I hope the lunch date is a delight. The people who stimulate the brain as well as the body are fun arn't they...(shy smile here.)
Let's hope that they aren't deceptive pictures where you just see her head but her massively fat body is left out of the picture.

On the other hand, you can meet a hot girl online if you're lucky.
She was nice. Although, I have learned my lesson with regard to head shots only.
She wasn't exactly as advertised, but more on that later.
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