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Wednesday, September 28, 2005
I'm baaaaaack...
Okay- the quick and short explanation is this.

1) I was tired of being neurotic and miserable, and writing about nothing but being neurotic and miserable.
2) What I was doing wasn't working.
3) I just kind of shut down and hit the "pause" button.

Now- I'm still neurotic and miserable, but that's given way to a general constant feeling of being pissed. I rather like it.
I stopped going to AA meetings. A room full of semi-crazy people talking about being crazy wasn't helping. (No, I have no intention of drinking..) I still follow the program, but I can be just as sober and crazy in the comfort of my home.

I stopped taking anti-depressants, and the only noticeable side-effect is the fact that I can't sleep as well. I can take ambien for that.

I am going to the gym. I am sore. It feels good to be sore.

I am playing tonite again for the all too often 4 nite stand at the place I loathe- The Winner's Circle. Same old, same old, in the front of the same old people talking about the same old shit, doing the same old dances. I think everybody's slept with everyone else in there, and it passes for normal.

(I may ponder the possibility of quitting this band if I still feel like a nut case after this week. It just ain't worth it. )

See? I'm still a F%^%ing nut case.

Monday, September 05, 2005
Big Brass Ones

I’m addicted to ITunes.

I keep finding really cool songs I haven’t heard in ages. Most of them seem to fall into the blues/R&B category, but there’s some downright cheese in there as well. Old Ambrosia, Poco, The Motels, Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, Gladys Knight, and much, more..
I also watched "Sin City" and "Sahara" today- "Sin City" rocks, and "Sahara" is a good escape flick. I wasn't in the mood for deep cinema, so I had a good time kicked on the couch today. I would recommend both.

The Big Brass Ones Award

My friend AKP who comments here sometimes is a Red Cross volunteer. Not only does she owe me happy free range boobies (She thinks I’ve forgotten, but no man EVER forgets boobs. Ever.) but she also has big brass ones and is going down in a few weeks.

Donate. They seem to be the only ones with their act together anyway.


The left has never been so glad to see so much suffering, only because they can work themselves into self-righteous apoplexy and spit and rant about Bush. They are obsessed well past the point of reason. Everyone is going to catch some crap over this, but they have conveniently overlooked all of that, seeing a prime opportunity, and they sure as hell aren’t going to let a thing like suffering get in the way. Bush could wade into neck deep sewage, rescue a child and the left would Photoshop “Mission Accomplished” behind him and start calling him “Chimpy McWetsuit”. He certainly bears SOME responsibility, but he also gets credit for not barging in right away, letting the respective agencies do their job. He came in a day late, but there’s more than enough blame to go around. As far as race is concerned. I really wish everyone would STFU. At no point does anyone get a free pass from normal standards of behavior because of the color of their skin, white or black. I also think relief would have been faster had they behaved themselves. White or black. A lot of those people are on public assistance, and the Hurricane hit at the end of the month when checks don’t come in until the first of the month, hence all the poor got themselves stuck. Wishing it were different doesn’t get them out of the city prior to the disaster. It’s just simple fact.

The left have lost their f-ing minds. I avoid Fark like the plague, because it’s not only political now, it’s also getting really racial. Ugly stuff.

Again- Donate. You know how to find the Red Cross.

Thursday, September 01, 2005
Shock and dismay.
Oh. My. God.

I am appalled at the slow respose from all levels of government. If we can pull off the Berlin Airlift, we sure as hell can help these people. Granted, I think some of them have an overdeveloped sense of entitlement, but hungry is hungry, and thirsty is thirsty, and desperate is desperate. Just show a little restraint, people. It'll happen. Help IS coming. We don't let our own wither on the vine.

CNNwas gushing- Yes, gushing.. Yesterday they were practically ecstatic over the coverage possibilities, but today, the enormity seems to have set in. They are no longer fondling themselves at the thought of ratings- they're just as shell shocked as we are.
I had a nice little rant brewing over the left and the glee they exhibit in blaming Bush, but I deleted it. Now is not the time.

Donate any way you can.

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