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Wednesday, September 28, 2005
I'm baaaaaack...
Okay- the quick and short explanation is this.

1) I was tired of being neurotic and miserable, and writing about nothing but being neurotic and miserable.
2) What I was doing wasn't working.
3) I just kind of shut down and hit the "pause" button.

Now- I'm still neurotic and miserable, but that's given way to a general constant feeling of being pissed. I rather like it.
I stopped going to AA meetings. A room full of semi-crazy people talking about being crazy wasn't helping. (No, I have no intention of drinking..) I still follow the program, but I can be just as sober and crazy in the comfort of my home.

I stopped taking anti-depressants, and the only noticeable side-effect is the fact that I can't sleep as well. I can take ambien for that.

I am going to the gym. I am sore. It feels good to be sore.

I am playing tonite again for the all too often 4 nite stand at the place I loathe- The Winner's Circle. Same old, same old, in the front of the same old people talking about the same old shit, doing the same old dances. I think everybody's slept with everyone else in there, and it passes for normal.

(I may ponder the possibility of quitting this band if I still feel like a nut case after this week. It just ain't worth it. )

See? I'm still a F%^%ing nut case.

Glad to see your back Rob, Have missed you as you probably noticed.
No advice from me. EXCEPT be true to yourself, do what you need to do for YOU.
Hope your feeling better....hugs to you my friend.
Welcome back Rob.. I am familiar with some of those feelings you had, but glad to see that you're alive and kicking..
Welcome back. You have been missed.
Thank you so much.

I'm humbled by your sentiments- They are much appreciated, I assure you.
Glad you hit the "Play" button again. Take care. (and you're not f'g nuts)

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