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Thursday, September 01, 2005
Shock and dismay.
Oh. My. God.

I am appalled at the slow respose from all levels of government. If we can pull off the Berlin Airlift, we sure as hell can help these people. Granted, I think some of them have an overdeveloped sense of entitlement, but hungry is hungry, and thirsty is thirsty, and desperate is desperate. Just show a little restraint, people. It'll happen. Help IS coming. We don't let our own wither on the vine.

CNNwas gushing- Yes, gushing.. Yesterday they were practically ecstatic over the coverage possibilities, but today, the enormity seems to have set in. They are no longer fondling themselves at the thought of ratings- they're just as shell shocked as we are.
I had a nice little rant brewing over the left and the glee they exhibit in blaming Bush, but I deleted it. Now is not the time.

Donate any way you can.

We gathred $800+ with 200 people at work yesterday. And we are planning another donation drive on Tuesday. Our State has donated water and houses and some of the schools they closed due to lack of funding is now being opened to house several famlies.
I am so ticked at some of the responses that was recieved when asked if they would like to donate. It infurates me, Americans have such a demeaning additude. Yet others said it would only cost about a days worth of the war if we would just stop and come home. Now on this one I just bit my tounge. Trying to keep my thoughts on the task at hand. How to educate uneducated people when they want to stay uneducated?? Thats the delema I had yesterday.
Thanks for letting me get my rant out of the way.
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