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Sunday, October 23, 2005
Good day.. With Cheerleaders even.
Woo HOO!

It's been a relatively angst-free weekend. (You can all breathe a sigh of relief and stop wincing as you open the page..)

I have my own cheering section- K~ and Bonnie have been most supportive through all my sniveling and navel gazing.
I now have them visualized in my head wearing little cheerleader outfits with on "R" on the front.

I had originally asked them for permission, but- It's too late. The visual is firmly esconced in my perverted little noggin. Oh, sure- Sougata and Jyoti have benn extremely helpful as well, but they look really .. Sad in the cheerleader outfits. *Scrubs brain*

Oh I remember the last time I had a Cheerleader's Outfit on.
Now tell me in this daydream, what color is the outfit and do we have panties on?
Yeah what colors? I want a pretty shade of blue. Can we have metallic pompons? K, you can do all the gynmastic stuff; I'm too damn old to even think about it! Gee, would I look weird wearing support socks while out on the floor cheering on our man Rob?

Go, Rob! Go, Rob! Go, Rob!
ps - Glad you had a good weekend, Rob. Hope your week goes as well.
Yes, you both have panties on. Most of the time. K~ Keeps forgetting hers from time to time, but, it adds to her charm.

Bonnie can wear blue- (Although if I had colors, I'd imagine they'd be emerald green and black.)
Bonnie seems to be claiming "elder stateswoman priveleges, so if she wants to wear blue with support stockings...Fine.
Oh, alright! I'll agree to emerald green and black if ~K agrees. I just wanted blue to accent my blue eyes. But that's ok. I'm a team player.

Rob, I thought you might want a good mental image of your cheer team. Picture this: blonde hair; blue, bedroom eyes; soft pouty lips; perky, voluptuous bosom; softly rounded buttocks firm to the touch; long shapely legs. Enough about ~K, now about me. You can stop this image anywhere below the neck! Have fun creating your team, Rob.
Two of my Favorite colors.
Wish I was blond with blue eyes...naw not really. I am more like red with hazel eyes. So the emerald green with bring out the green in my eyes. I have thin lips with no butt. Though I have to admit I have some nice sized breasts. With a 5'3" frame I can't say anything on me is Though I was always on top of the pyramid.....

"Rob Rob He's Our Man If He Can't Do It........."
Where is everyone this week?
Mmmmm, cheerleaders.... ahhhhhhhh
Knock, knock! Are you ok, Rob?
"Pause" button again?
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