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Tuesday, November 15, 2005
Blogging from Dallas
Here I sit, smoking in my Hotel room, blogging in my underwear on a kingsize bed, using a wireless connection and drinking Ice Water while watching PBS.

Not bad, eh?
I may never leave.

I'm in the "Big D" all week, undergoing printer training -but- I have two uncles that live here, so I get to see family. I do like it here, Buuut.. It has it's drawbacks.
Traffic is a friggin' nightmare.
This town is "tech heavy", up to it's butt in geeks, so moving here is a quickly discarded notion.

God knows I love the Cowboys, and there's lots to see and do and the women are friggin' stunning..
*sigh* But- I'd starve.

I really like the way the women dress here-
(Oh, I know, I know..I wouldn't fare any better, since I think I'm looking for a woman who looks like a model, fucks like a porn star, cooks like Martha Stewart and knows what right and wrong is. Compromises will have to be made. )

I have a friend who states flat out that women come in three styles, and you can have any two of the following choices-


Pick any two, he says, and that's as good as it gets.

Eh. It's full moon, which means I get the male version of PMS and ponder ridiculous shit like this.

Tell me the differences between the male version of PMS and the female, how do they differ? (always wondered that)

Sounds like you gonna have a good time, just what ya need a change of scenery.......
Gee, could you possibly look for more in a woman? Good grief. Thank God, you "ponder ridiculous shit" only while PMSing.

Enjoy your time in Dallas, thn go home where your heart is.
I really liked Dallas. Lived there for one and a half years.

Not only are the women stunning, they also have flair.
Hey, hey, hey! What about women who don't live in Dallas, Sougata? Does it count that I lived in Lubbock for 9 mos.? (I know, Lubbock doesn't even come close to Dallas. But I'm trying all angles.) See what ya started, Rob!

Ok, so you lived in Lubbock. But can you draaaawl?

Answer that. Then we can decide about the flair :-)

'ell yeah, I can draaaawwwwwwl! My pappy was a Texas rancher - not to be mistaken for a Texas ranger. And from what I've been told, Grandpappy made the best whiskey in Texas, and daddy would play the piano to entertain the "guests." He did play a mean piano. Huh, isn't that heritage to be proud of!?!?!?! Of course, daddy didn't strike oil, but one of his uncle's did. Wish he would share. I'd even be willing to move back to TX if I could have a portion of his money. And believe me, that's the only way I'd even consider going back there.
How are a Texas Tornado & A Tennessee Divorce The Same?
Somebody's Gonna Lose A Trailer!!

That's how I feel about Texas.

You are a certifiable Texan, clearly. A little out of love with the dear old homeland by the sound of it, but still a Texan born and bred.

Fortune cookie say: Charm and poise come naturally to a Texan lady. Also say, you live long life with bright future and many children. Your ability to juggle many tasks take you far.

** End of poor Chinese impersonation. **

You know the rum thing about Texas though? Everybody in India seems to have heard of it. Don't ask me how.

Collar a guy in India and ask him to name a state in the United States. Dollar to donuts he'll mention Texas, if anything. [Ask him to name a city instead, and he'll mention New York.] Proof that soft imperialism is not a myth.

Rob, it just dawned on me you said you're in Dallas for printer training. Why don't you invent a printer that stops the user from doing STUPID, STUPID STUFF?! I'm so tired of printing half of a large file, and forgetting to turn the printed sheets over before placing them in the printer to print the second half. I just did it again this morning. We're gonna run out of trees a long time before I run out of STUPID!
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