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Tuesday, November 08, 2005
I have nuthin' to bitch about..
Well, I have nothing to bitch, whine or pine about today. Truthfully, most days are like that, except that I can't ever seem to find the "off" switch.
My daughter's senior play is on Thursday, and I was reminded that it might be nice to get flowers to give to her afterwards. It's tradition, or so I'm told..She's quite the little actress, lemme tell ya. This is why women rule- They seem to exist in that world where details are easily and matter-of-factly recalled. I do not possess that skill, to the degree that I'm somewhat notorious for being disorganized. It's only lately (in the past few years to be exact) that I have grown weary of being an out of control slob. Bills are paid on time, dishes are done, laundry is done, usually once a week- Out of a semi rigorous routine I've developed.
This week I didn't take the trash to the curb. I felt like a lazy bum for not doing so, but I'm just one person in my house, so it's not like I generate tons of trash as it is. There's no health risk, but- I could've done it.
When I let things slide, even little trivial things- I feel like I'm getting out of control.
You see how my mind works?
Eh- This post is going nowhere fast, but I felt like I should post something other than the daily diary of a co-dependant dweeb..

Senior Pay...aaahhh Yes!
Flowers great, She will love that.

I can tell ya I have no organization skills. I forget to pee sometimes. I am notorious for being late. I have no problem getting to work on time, it's just everything else. My son does my dishes, WHEW! I tell him to take out the trash and to mow the lawn or that wouldn't get done. Bills well I have learned to set up bill pay, thats a benefit. Lets see is there anything else I would forget? Not that I recall.......

Wont go into the part of my life thats out of control. (I might have forgot about it anyways.)
see what I say about forgetting....I forgot the L in pLay
I don't care if you do bitch, whine, pine, or talk about the little things in life. Just knowing you're out there hangin' on is good news. If you take pictures of your daughter, post them, please (if she agrees to it). You sure sound like a proud papa. Oh, try to remember routine can be good, but a rut isn't. Take care - and take out the trash next week!
uhhummm.....knock knock
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