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Tuesday, November 29, 2005
My poor blog..

I have been neglecting it as of late. Thanks to the gentle, and not-so-gentle reminders that I was past due for my updates..

No drama here. *gasp*

I'm dating, but I can't get into anything serious, just because- Well.. I am in no shape for that and unfit for human consumption. Dates are nice. If it gets more serious than that, alarm bells sound and I vanish, only to have to sheepishly explain that I am, at heart- A coward and don't like to break bad news to someone who may or may not want more.

This doesn't mean that I don't pursue "friends with benefits", but both parties must understand clearly what the rules are. So far, I haven't dabbled in that too much. It will probably get complicated also.

I haven't given much more thought to Dallas as of late, only because I'm comfortable back here at home, but.. If it keeps bubbling up, I'll give it it's due consideration. I have yet to be "seductificated" to quote Sougata..

I hope everyone's Thanksgiving was free of drama- Mine was. My sister from Connecticutt slept here, which is nice. It's nice to have a house that people feel comfortable in.

That's al for now-


OK, "no drama here." So what? At least we know you're alive and kickin'. Glad your Thanksgiving was pleasant. Please remember we like reading your posts. So don't teeter on the edge of the blogsphere so often, you might fall off and we'd miss ya.
Rob, No Drama is great, love it. I just don't want you to get stuck in seclusion. That in itself can make for a very bad Rob. Continue to go out force yourself if you have to. Stop and look at the clouds and or the rain maybe even snow. It is beautiful and helps relax the mind and body so you can work on breathing.
DEAL? I do miss ya big guy, wink.
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