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Sunday, November 20, 2005
Post Dallas-
Dallas was nice-

(It sparked a lot of fun comments)

While I was there, I managed to see two of my uncles-
One lives on a nice sized lake outside of Dallas, the other in DeSoto. I visited the lakeside house, which was lovely, even if it was a headlights-only kind of tour. The other has a hobby-band and is a great musician in his own right, so I got to play with him while there. He took me around to a couple of clubs and I sat in with some really good players, and managed to hold my own to the point where they offered me work.. Nice to see I can play in that league.

It feels very comfortable there.. The people say "hello" readily and without pretense, there's a thriving music scene, and I have family there.
The thought of moving was constantly burbling in the the back of my head, but I like to toy with the idea more than actually comitting to it.

I have no real reason to move- I have a good job, I can find work here as a musician without having to kiss anyone's ass, and my immediate family is also here.

But, by the same reasoning, I don't have anything here to keep me from moving.

Interesting dilemna, no?

I have never in my life just "picked up and moved" to a new place except when I was much younger and more resilient. My step father was in the Air Force, so we racked up three moves, which is pretty good for an Air Force family.

It is somethingto think about, but it needn't be an all consuming obsession.

I suggest you do give the idea of moving some L-O-N-G thought. I did it a long, long time ago. Just quit what was perhaps the most enjoyable job I've ever had, packed up my belongings and moved south. I remember pulling out of the driveway thinking I wanted to move to New Mexico, but went to Louisiana instead. Go figure! No job waiting, no place to live - nothing. Spur of the moment thing. But, you know what? I'm glad I did it. My life wouldn't be what it is today and I would have missed out on some wonderful relationships along the way. Kinda wish I had the guts to do it again.

Hey, how was your daughter's play? You did go, didn't you?
I have never picked up and moved. EVER. I moved outta Moms house 20 years ago and have moved 1 time in them 20 years. Never leaving the town I moved to in the first place.
(With my track record of Puppies kittens and kids. Along with never leaving the original home town I sound pretty darn boring....)
Glad you enjoyed Dallas, never been there myself. So are the women as wonderful as Sougatar and Bonnie make them sound?
Bonnie- I will give it some thought- Believe me.
I did go to my daughter's play, and she was Fabu. Amazing, in fact.

K~- The wimmins in Dallas are very pretty. Some are very polished, and some are just very .. Cute.
Where the heck are ya?
Yeah, where are you you? Ya packin' up and movin'? Hope everything is ok.
Hmmm ... I wonder if he was seductificated by Dallas. It IS a rather friendly place, if you know what I mean. [Actually, even I'm not sure what I mean. So if you know what I mean, let me know.]

Sorry, being goofy.

Yeah Rob, where you at?
Something about moving is always attractive. I crave the sense of adventure that comes from moving to a new place. It gets harder when you have kids, but I still wouldn't hesitate to pack up the whole family and move someplace interesting.
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