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Wednesday, November 02, 2005
The quick and dirty.
It's been somewhat eventful as of late, and at the same time, not really.

My apologies for the delay-
I didn't feel like dumping as of late, and there really isn't much to write about that doesn't annoy me, since it's just been more pointless drama.

I feel like a bit player in "Jerry Springer- The Musical".

Thankfully, I'm not the star.

The updates, which shall be quick and dirty..

1) He called and said he'd broken it off with her.

2) He then didn't hear from her (but I had..) and went to see her after telling his wife that he "wanted to see if she was OK".
At midnight.

3) She lets him...

4) She gets nervous and takes the baby and goes over, at which point a minor, but civil showdown takes place.

5) Denial met reality. Briefly.

6) He dicides to work it out w/ wife after my ex expresses doubts.

Now, I personally don't think it'll last long since they both have the self control of lemmings.

I have to play (again) at the Winner's Circle where I will get to be the disgraced, co-dependent ex boyfriend. Yay.
I have no idea what part they'll be playing.

I only have to endure this until the end of the year, since I wanted to be as dignified as possible, salvaging what little is left of my pride and give the band notice. (Plus, I need the money, but not so much that if it gets freaky, I'm pulling the plug and leaving on the spot.)

That's realy all I have. The dating scene for me is what it is, and when I forget that- Trouble starts. But as long as I let things happen as they're supposed to, then I'm OK. I don't need more drama.

Be gentle with yourself. Just let go. Life goes on, Rob, regardless of what others do. Take care. We care about you - don't know what brought that on. But we do.
I hope everything went well for you tonight. I agree with Bonnie that we all care about you and wish the best for you!!
OK I have one more comment...If I am reading this right...She left him go over to her house to check on her...that is the most insane thing I have ever heard!!! They all sound a little on the flaky side to me. Ok thats all. Good night!!!
Could go on and on about how wrong this whole situation is Rob, but you already know all that.
As Bonnie said you should just let it all go. It is THEIR problem. They want to "Play" at being adults and parents, thats their problem. You can just sit back knowing your the Ex who got away before all this CRAP went down. You don't need their Drama. I am sure you can find plenty all by yourself.
Oh, btw I have to go now because my Handsome son just woke up. Parenting is serious I don't play at that.( as some has shown they could)
Rob, your ex proves over and over again she wasn't worthy of your trust - ever, so she isn't worthy of an iota of your love or concern now. Assuming dreamingsomewhere is a woman, you have 3 women trying to convince you to turn your back to what used to be. Start anew. You can't erase the past, but learn from it and try damn hard to be sure any future love-interest gives you the true love you deserve. You seem to be an extremely sincere person who is searching for something you're unsure exists. That "certain someone" IS out there. And I pray you find her. Godspeed, Rob. Let us know you're ok.
I'm fine.. Really.
This is where I dump all the crap, so forgive me if the posts are always full of drama, albeit self-inflicted at times. You have no idea how much I appreciate the concern and support expressed here by all of you. Thank you.

This will blow over once I'm away from all this. They have until the end of the year to replace me in the band, and then I get to walk away, hopefully, scott-free, sanity intact.
Rob who said you are sane? (wink)

I understand the venting, it's good. I am here whenever you need an ear. I'm sure you remember my email addy, Right? You go ahead and sort it all out here and we will shower you with all the love and respect cheerleaders can......
What is there to forgive? It's your blog, your dumping ground. Take care.

Hey, ~K. Are you making our cheerleader outfits?
Bonnie, I am one female who can't sew...yikes!
But My Mom sure can, and she can embroider whatever we want on them too. She has one of them fancy machines ya know. What should we put on them as far as a location TFT with a huge R or should we spell out ROB?
Or you could say "Rob Roolz" on the outfits, but no wait ... that would look like graffiti.

Did I ever tell you, Rob, that you are a fortunate man? Well, you are.
OK everyone,go ahead and laugh at me. Ha, ha, ha. ~K, I can't really comment because I don't know what TFT is. I know, I'm having one of those DAH moments, or as my friend calls it - brain farts. What's TFT?

What are the colors? Emerald green and black as Rob prefers? Are you the baton twirler (what's she called)?

I'm gettin' all hyped about our cheergroup. Rob, wouldn't you just die if one day ~K and I show up at your house and perform our routine?
Trolling For Tinfoil =TFT.
And yes Emerald green and black are great colors.
Rob would be in heaven if we showed, wouldn't you Rob????
(If he was smart he would be a little afraid too. HAHAHA!!!!)
So, ok, now that I know what TFT means, how about his photo or avatar embroidered on the back and "ROB" across the front?

Uh, a LITTLE afraid? Rob and most of Harrisburg would love us, don't you know?! We're such sassy gals!
Oh I am sure Rob would feel like a King...
Harrisburg would never fotget us.
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